Who turned out the lights?

December 21, 2009

Cold fronts have been looming over South Florida back to back in the last few days and with this, there has been massive cloud cover compressed right in Flamingo.  With strong Northernly winds, no lights, […]

David McCleaf’s Chocko Photos

December 21, 2009

Here are some of David’s Shot from our Chokoloskee trip. While we were Tarpon fishing this gator came up looking for an easy meal. I try to smack the fly on it’s head to spook […]

Braving The Elements With A Fly

December 13, 2009

The plan was to fish with Capt. Colby Haine and Rich down here in Pine Island this weekend.  We were supposed to have Colby down to fly fish the giant snook I have locked up […]

Testing waters… clear, dirty, darkside…

November 23, 2009

The streets of Miami will be adorned with Christmas decor shortly.  Halloween pumpkins are being made into pie.  Grocery stores are having mega sales on Turkeys, bread, gravy, and potatoes.  Then all about, there are […]

5 Days of Life in the Keys…

July 7, 2009

After many years of blowing things up (yes, I was a pyro), setting things on fire, shooting bottle rockets and roman candles at each other… it was time to put away the fireworks and take […]

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