Spectacular Sarasota By Jan S. Maizler

July 28, 2013

  Spectacular Sarasota By Jan S. Maizler The sun was setting through the front windshield of my car as I headed across Alligator Alley towards Naples, and eventually Sarasota, my destination. As I drove through […]

“Summer Summary” Part One

September 9, 2012

It was an interesting summer to say the least……Tarpon season, in which we fly fisherman look so forward to each year was one of the hardest seasons I can remember. We were plagued with bad […]

Pursuit of the ultimate Purple Isle Slam.

August 7, 2012

It has become tradition for good friend Capt. Tim Mahaffey (www.flatshead.com) and I to take a day to pursue and attempt a 5 fish slam on fly that to my knowledge has not been documented […]

5wt Sweet water fishing

April 13, 2012

4.13.2012 This Friday the 13th I got out this morning with my buddy Hank for a little sweet water fishing. Though I live near plenty of fresh water ponds full of bass and bluegill, I […]

Dock Snook Fly Patterns

December 17, 2010

Now that Dock Snook have finally made there retreat to the backcountry it’s time for me to do my write up on the season. With over 100 Snook on fly this season these are the […]

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