Flats Retro in Black and White by Jan Maizler

March 15, 2015

        Flats Retro in Black and White By Jan Maizler Here’s some images of shallow water marine fishing in the “simplicity” of black and white. The anglers, captains, lodges, and destinations are diverse: […]

Recollections of Fish Past

December 31, 2013

          Recollections of Fish Past By Jan Maizler   As the year draws to an end, it seems fitting to dwell awhile on special fish and moments that gave me a recent […]

Louisana Marshes Round 2, ice ice baby

January 17, 2011

1.17.2011 I would have written this up a bit earlier but I came down with some flu symptoms that has put me out of commission for that last few days. Headaches, coughing, mucus, body aches, […]

Another bad ass Louisiana Redfish video

December 27, 2010

RA Beattie has always been known for releasing some epic fishing clips but this one takes the cake by far.  Watching a big fat slob of a Louisana redfish raise it’s head out of the […]

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