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kodak playsport

Kodak Play Sport for $65.00

My Friend Serge sent me this today.

I Just wanted to share this with you guys as the Kodak Playsport is my favorite inexpensive waterproof camera at usually around $100. The camera takes 5pm stills, and 1080p video plus waterproof.

Refurbished Kodak Playsport at $65

Of course you can always buy it new too.

You can shoot cool stuff like these video clips I shot last year with the Playsport

More video and stills of the sword fish swimming on the beaches of Longboat Key, Florida


Yesterday I got an email from a local fisherman named Mark Soussou. He claims that he was the guy in the video that took the video of the sword fish swimming on the beach last month. Naturally I was excited to find out more details and gave mark a call that afternoon. Sure enough he described it in details. He was just hanging out with some friends on the beach and pretty much swam up to the boat. Since Mark is an avid fisherman, he was aware enough to realize that this was a rare sighting indeed. He didn’t have his good camera with him but he did have his Kodak Playsport and took some video and stills of the phenomenon.

[amazon_link id=”B0030MITDK” target=”_blank” ]Kodak PlaySport (Zx3) HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera (Black)[/amazon_link]

Mark told me that he had a couple more photos and video that would like to send me. Of course I said heck yeah, please do send them over. Thanks Mark!

The swordfish story was interesting enough that it got featured at Check it out.

Now written up on for more details.

Here a couple stills and more video of the incident. The new video even show a brief underwater video when Mark was able to get close enough.




Tarpon Eat using the Kodak Playsport and sunglasses for polarize filter


This was shot down in Duck Key during the shoot for 2011 Saltwater Experience TV show. I shot all the footage on the $150.00 kodak playsport(actually $108 right now at I used my sunglasses over the lens as a polarize filter. This way you can actually see in the water.

Here you see Rich Tudor poling Tom Rowland Around. There were tarpon every where that refused to eat. We finally found one that took the fly. One of their best shows imho.

This was shot in 720 in 60fps mode for better slow motion.

South Andros Rained out Video, conch penis, panic button


The second day in the Bahamas for me was pretty nasty. With winds of 20-30 mph and rain clouds, using the fly rods we were lucky to get a couple of bone fish to the boat. None the less we made the best of what we got and did some hanging out with the locals. The Kaliks went down easy and we had a good time.

Here is a vlog style video shot mainly with $150 Kodak Playsport..

Actually if you click on the link it’s $118 at amazon w/ free shipping. Man I always buy my gadgets way too early. :(

More local videos. This was shot at the local Conch Bar. They had live conch in the water nearby and when someone orders a conch salad they go and harvest them. One of the local tradition when cleaning the large snail is to eat it’s reproductive organ “the conch penis”. Of course being the adventurous souls that we are we partake in the local tradition. First guy that did the deed was Joe Welborn of Carbon Marine (Loop Push Poles, and carbon parts for skiffs) then our buddy John W.

Another Vlog type Kodak Playsport video, shot on the flight back from S. Andros to the Nassau. I was on board with John and Tom of Wanganchor. The pilot had a sensor of humor as well. On the dash he had a sign that reads “if all else fails press the panic button” which I found very funny.

Kodak Playsport, Macro and wide angle lens adapter test

Adding a lens adapter to my Kodak Playsport to get super macro and a wide angle view. This adapter cost under $20 and works on cell phone cameras as well like Iphones and Droids. What you think of the test footage shot in 720p HD? I say it’s pretty darn good considering it’s attached to a $150.00 video camera.

The installation is pretty easy. It comes with a metal ring that has a sticky side. You stick the ring on the phone/Playsport.  The lens is magnetic so you can put it on and off whenever you need it. Pretty cool idea. A lens cap and lanyard is also included.

Amazon has them.

Kodak PLAYSPORT 0.45x Wide Angle Lens With Macro (Modification Style) Magnetic Type + Cronies Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth

Youtube Link

Kodak Play Sport, waterproof, HD video video and still Camera now 30% off, another deal

April 30th 2010

Ok this is annoying now.(I bought mine way too early)  A friend of mine “Serge” just sent me a coupon for the Kodak Play Sport. It takes 30% off the retail if  you buy it from That brings the camera down to almost $100.00. Now I really really feel like a dummy.. thanks Serge! lol

30% off Promo Code: sJCsVaJvPD

Put this in as  you check out. I tested it and it works just fine.

Kodak Playsport Waterproof Camera, deal found

April 27th 2010

I did a review on the new Playsport Waterproof camera last week and it was a big hit.

Just from the people that has told me they were buying one, a good dozen probably sold through best buy etc.

Everyone that has bought it seem to be very happy with it’s performance so far. For $150, you get a 5mp camera, that shoots 1080p video and it’s waterproof. Tough to beat for the price.

One of the guys that bought one found a nice deal on a couple day ago.

The camera normally retails for $149.00.

This sale is pretty nice. You get the camera with Free shipping and  a 8 gig card for $129.00. That’s probably a savings of  about $50.00.

Now I wish I would’ve waited a couple weeks. Oh well that’s the price of a gadget guy wanting the latest, greatest all the darn time. :)

Here’s the Amazon Playsport Link

Kodak Play Sport, waterproof, 5mp Camera and 1080p HD Video for $150.00

I picked up a nice little point and shoot camera last week. I took  it up to Destin, fl with me to cobia fish and had a chance to test many of the features in a saltwater environment.

It’s the Kodak Play Sport:

Kodak Playsport

It does 720p, 1080p video, 5mp camera, and the best part it’s waterproof to 10′!

Operation is super simple with just one hand. It does not have lots of options basically just turn it on and start taking photos or recording. It takes SD cards which are cheap and available everywhere.

About the size of an iphone it’s small enough to carry around everywhere and the contour of the camera feels pretty nice, not slippery like most camera bodies.

It has a USB port as well as lithium ion batteries so it last quite a while.  The latches are spring loaded so it forces you to lock it to keep the body water tight. Some of the older waterproof cameras didn’t have this and lots of them got water inside via operator error.

At about $150.00 for a waterproof still and video camera the Kodak Play Sport is a dream come true for fisherman.
There’s plenty of cameras out there that are waterproof, does hd, etc.. but the Kodak Play Sport, at $150.00 has pretty much all you would want in a water sport camera.

What it don’t have:


Here are some samples of the Play Sports 5mp Camera. I did adjust the contrast and did some cropping.

I shot some video was it as well in mainly 720p at 60fps .. I gotta say I’m impressed for such an inexpensive camera. With the small sensor indoor and low light isn’t the greatest but then again the price is right.

You can get one off of Amazon or they have them in stock at your local Best Buys as well.

Here’s a short clip of the video quality. I shot it in 720p at 60fps. I did not do anything to the video besides just putting the clips together and adding music.

You Tube Link

The photos are pretty good for a $150 point and shoot that’s water proof.