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ICAST 2011

New Daiwa Saltiga 2011 with mag sealed system, ICAST 2011


Daiwa came out with the new Saltiga at the ICAST 2011 show this past summer in Las Vegas. In this reel is the mag seal technology. It uses a type of liquid magnet to form a water proof seal around the bearings of the reel. With any new technology comes R&D cost and this reel was not cheap by any means. They are priced about $1000.00 to $1499.00.

I do have to admit though it’s pretty darn smooth plus the bonus of having the bling factor to impress your friends.

Here is a video I put together while I attended a writer’s the past couple days down in Naples. I had one of the writers demonstrate the reels for me while I did quick video demonstrating the mag seal technology.

Daiwa Mag seal technology in the Saltiga

ICAST 2011: Vest Pac, Best Fly Fishing Accessory winner


One of the winners of the ICAST 2011 show is the VESTPAC. A versatile custom configurable chest pack that can be used for all kinds of activities.

Adventure racing, wading, fishing, kayak, climbing, paddle boarding, biking just to name a few.

What set this bag apart from the ones that are already on the market is that they are:

less bulky
less weight
super breathable

They are available at:

I think these would be awesome for wade fishing in the Tampa Bay area or most places in Florida actually. Snook on the beach, pot hole fishing for redfish and trout and kayak fishing.

Even poling on the back of the skiff would work to keep your phone or cameras handy.

ICAST 2011, Seaguar Kanzen Braid

Seaguar Kanzen Braided Line


Seaguar has always been known as the leader in Fluorocarbon but they have yet to come out with a braided line. They are so dominant in the fluorocarbon if you google Fluorocarbon they are the number one link only next to Wikipedia.

For the 40th anniversary they have debut the Kanzen, their premier entry into the braid market.

8lb to 200lb test from 150 yards to 500 yard spool.

They were cool enough to give me a couple spools to use and test out. From my first impression, it is very thin and slick.

From ICAST 2011, Quantum EXO reels

From ICAST 2011 Quantum introduces the EXO series of bait casting and spinning reels.

Being I was the only person there and had so little time to basically do it all, I really did not pay much attention to Quantum this year. Mainly because they did not have anything in the new product showcase. However on the last day I drop by for the heck of it and found they had something pretty cool the EXO series of reels and rods.

The people at the booth told me they wanted to keep things on the hush hush side, so they did not submit this item to the new product showcase.

I use to use the CABO and Boca series of Quantum reels a long ago. When I started to use more artificial, I found those reels way too heavy for all day casting.

With the new super lightweight EXO series, I might have to give Quantum a try again.

Quantum EXO spinning Reel

ICAST 2011, Shimano, Daiwa, Okuma, TFO new reels



For more real time updates go to the facebook page:

ICAST 2011, Shimano, Daiwa, Okuma , TFO new reels


Here are all the new reels from Shimano, Daiwa,tfo and Okuma..this is literally hot right off the press. Being hot off the press have not had time to go through and decipher all the information.

I basically took photos of all the new reels and took photos of the information page.

I am typing this on my laptop in the rental car. :)

I will have to through them all later when I have time. I just wanted to get this up for you guys asap.


New is the Shimano Talica 50 2, Talica 50 II

Daiwa Saltiga Satg500H

Okuma Raw 2 mooching reel

2011 Okuma Cedros baitcaster

TFO BVK fly reel for 2012

Shimano Chronarch 200 e6

Shimano Sustain 2500 fg

Daiwa Z action Casting reel

Daiwa Certate ct2500ha

Daiwa Ballistic bls2500sh



ICAST 2011 gear Vortex Line Guide by Malin


To be introduced at ICAST 2011 this week the Vortex Line Guide. Works with all spinning rods:

VLG’s are designed to increase shing line speeds as they pass through the vortex, and work with
any line type. They physically concentrate or focus the line towards the target. VLG’s increase
casting distances and accuracy by 20% or more. In addition, they remove slack line coming o
and going on the reel, reducing the dreaded wind knots.

New Gloomis Rods for 2011 that is better than the flagship GLX series. ICAST 2011 goodies.

July 8th 2010

As I get ready for ICAST next week I ask people what they wanted me to check out. One of which is the new G.Loomis series of rods(which is now owned by Shimano).

According to the advertisement so far it has been “17 years in the making”.  The technology will be employed in both the fly and spinning series of rods.

This new Construction uses a higher modulus Graphite as well as a new proprietary resin system. The result is a rod that is both 20% lighter and 20% more impact resistant and 20% more sensitive than GLX. Overall the new material is designed to be 25% stronger then GLX and because it will eliminate cracking and is better able to resist further damage from nicks and scratches. This is not some fancy coating, the Special Resin will be infused throughout the graphite fibers within the blank.

You can read more about it here:

I will be at the show with a hands on photos and videos which I hope to update pretty quickly onto Facebook and while I’m over there.  I do own several GLX spin and fly gear so I will definitely be able to compare the difference.

Be prepared to see lots of  updates while I’m over there. I will not be on the water and I should have wi-fi, so the updates will be flowing.