Mirage in the Keys… SKIFF PORN, Part 1!!!!

November 15, 2010

I spent this last weekend hanging out in the Keys at the Alderman’s.  It’s always a chill time in the Keys.. fresh seafood, a little bonefishing, cold beer, and a very relaxed atmostphere.   My buddy Jeremy and […]

Redfishing + more in SW Florida…

October 11, 2010

The Maverick Mirage 18 HPX-V has proven itself to be an extremely versatile skiff when fishing in my home waters in the Florida Keys and Biscayne Bay but I wondered if it’s shallow draft and […]

Mirage Refined…

August 25, 2010

08/25/10 Chapter IV… Refined… We approach the final stages of the construction process of my new Maverick Mirage.  The hull and cap were popped from the molds, the cap was then fused to the hull, […]

Mirage Fused…

August 21, 2010

Welcome to the Third Chapter in the construciton of my next Maverick Mirage…. Fused The construction of my new Maverick Mirage is near completion.  I visited the Maverick Boat Co. plant this past week and got to […]

Hatched…. Maverick 18 HPX-V

August 18, 2010

Chapter 2:  my Maverick Mirage hatched amongst it’s bigger and smaller siblings!! Stay tuned for the next chapter… “Fused” Related posts: The end of one and beginning of next…… the INCUBATION. All my life, I […]