L2Fish: Mighty Mount Mod

August 27, 2015

Great tip on how to remove the flex in the GearTrac on the L2Fish paddle board when using a “boom type” camera mount or to give a rod holder more support. Click on this link to get […]

How to tie The Canoe Man Loop Knot

July 29, 2015

Here is a video I did this morning for Mustad of how to tie a Canoe Man Loop Knot. I learned this knot back in the day from Captain Mel of Capmel.com. This is the […]

How to rig a shrimp for fishing the flats

June 30, 2015

Many people including me don’t know the optimal way to rig a live shrimp for sight casting bonefish, redfish etc on the flats. I was out shooting some video in Biscayne bay for Mustad Hooks. […]

How to Study a Flat

November 20, 2013

      How to Study a Flat By Jan Maizler Flats fishermen are by nature hunters. That’s why they pick a form of angling where searching and hunting are core parts of the game […]

How to tie the Supreme Bendback

May 4, 2010

This fly is great for Night time dock Snook.  It is weedless, aka “dockless”, by design.  Made to resemble a small glass minnow or white bait it’s action is suspending and darting.  Downside to this […]

Quick Trips in the Cold

December 22, 2009

It’s winter. A new cold front every week, the fish have lockjaw, and bait is tough to come by. Why bother fishing? We all need to wet a line, even in 15 knot winds and […]

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