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ICAST 2014 coverage



ICAST is the largest dealer fishing show in the US. Last year it was held in Las Vegas and this year it will be in Orlando Florida. It is a dealer and industry people on show. This is the reason it is held on weekdays July 15th to the 18th.

The 15th is for media and buyers to look for the latest greatest int the “new product showcase”.  Media then get to vote on what they think it’s the best new product in each category.

Look for live  update on the Saltyshores Facebook pages as I post up live update starting at about 5:30pm eastern time.

Redfish Tailing with Sting Rays Low Tide Tampa Bay

The past two weeks I have been getting things ready to attend ICAST in Orlando. This leaves very little time to get out fishing.

While cruising my Facebook feed I saw Spencer Goodwin posted a clip of some very cool group of tailing redfish. Spencer kayak guides out of Tampa Bay so he is out quite often. He tells me the next time he gets on them he would give me shout.

A few days goes by my phone rang. It is Spencer, he tells me the storm is about to hit us but they are tailing really well right now. I had my gear in the truck already so I said “Ok, let me load the kayak and I will be right there!”.

It was a tailing scenario and I had to drag the kayak over dry land at a few points so I decided to load the Hobie Revolution vs the Pro Angler. This was a wise choice as it was bone dry out on the flats.

Forty five minutes later and I was on the water and hustling to get the spot before it got too dark. Spencer had already caught a couple and was satisfied with just keeping an eye on them until I got there with the camera.

With the low tide, once I got there it did not take too long to find them. I got a few shots with them tailing as Spencer cast to them. At this point even though I brought a rod I was satisfied with just taking photos of these guys digging in the grass and feeding as their tail wave in the air.

As the sun starts to sets we slowly headed to the ramp. The activity of the redfish escalated to something I have always wanted to see. They started to tail along side the sting rays. I sat there and took photos until there was zero light left.

I got home and downloaded the card and it turned out to be my best tailing redfish photos in Tampa Bay.

Thanks to Spencer Goodwin of Tampa Bay Kayak Charters, I get to share these videos and photos with you guys.











Summer time; living is easy ~



Rick De Paiva


Another Summer Adventure in Flamingo!

With the summer months beginning to reach their peek, the fishing is just getting better, and the only thing that can come to mind is getting on the water. With the weather not acting up as much, South Florida is finally beginning to see the proper weather conditions to get out and do what we love. Being that Im a kayak fisherman, theres only so many miles I can cover before I run out of water with the low tides in what I like to call my backyard, Everglades National Park, AKA Flamingo. Very short paddles from the launch can very much so lead to some pretty good successful fishing trips.

As I begin to look for the future forecasts for the upcoming days, I see that the weather conditions were just right. It was a slow week at work for me so I had many opportunities to fish. It was the holiday weekend of the 4th of July so my girlfriend Yissel Gonzalez was off as well and joined me for the adventure. I woke up to a dark, clear, star filled sky with the palm trees as still as can be. The lake in front of my house was like a glass with the lights of the houses reflecting off the surface of the water. “Now thats what Im talking about” is what ran through my mind when I stepped outside. We load up and now we’re on our way. We arrive at the launch, quickly unload and take off as the mosquitos attacked us in swarms. Mother Nature had a beautiful sight awaiting us as we arrived to Christian Point, a breath taking sunrise.


We started to make our way out towards Snakebight and we quickly saw some action. My girlfriend Yissel has never caught a Redfish and we were determined to get her one today as her last trip on the kayaks to Flamingo wasn’t a successful one. We were rigged with up with 3″ shrimp from DOA Fishing Lures, hers in the 426 Rootbeer Holographic Glitter and mines in the 368 Clear Red Glitter. It wasn’t long before I turn around and look over to see her G Loomis Greenwater bent over and her 3000 Stradic FJ screaming drag. Her first Redfish ever. Sight casted and all. She lands it and its a sweet one. 25 1/2 inches 6lb Red. Not bad for a first.


The sun began to get higher in the sky so I switched her over to something more clear like the 382 Clear Holographic Glitter DOA Shrimp. Moments later, she beats her first Redfish with a 26 1/2 8lb chunky Redfish. This one was a fatty!


If I say that she was excited, I think that would actually be an understatement with the amount of joy that was running through her body. I can say say that we succeeded in our trip. She also had a few with a sour tooth that just didn’t want to hold on to the bait. It was also very much an accomplishment due to the fact that these tailing Redfish were spooky as can be to the point that they will literally dart towards your bait to eat it and turn right before and spook off. Yes, we know, very frustrating. I managed to pick off a couple fish myself but I was really focused on getting some pretty cool pics of some tailing Reds. I didn’t get any that particular day because I was trying to catch fish but I managed to get these shots a couple days before when I linked up with my teammate SuperDuper Jason. That day was a little slow for the both of us as we didn’t catch too many fish. I think he went home with dinner for the night and I picked off one or two fish. Fishing with him is always a plus as him and I have the same mentality, get out there and get on em! He’s been doing really good prior trips as he gets multiple slams on multiple days wearing his lucky Snook Medallion. AWE SON!!!!!


Over all, the trip was as great as can be. We got to see a lot of cool things and my girlfriend got to witness a little more of what goes on in Everglades National Park. From tailing Reds scattered all over the place, to paddling way into Snakebight to see massive schools of moving Reds. To witnessing her get on her first Redfish and watching it swim away to be caught another day! I say it was a good day for sure. It was pretty dam hot out there but we were ok as we wearing our matching Breathe Like a Fish performance apparel shirts and our Tailin Toads Gloves. These gloves are one of a kind and have so many advantages to fisherman from protection from the sun to having full functions of your hands with no individual fingers, fully accessible! Check it out! I hope you enjoyed it as much as her and I did. Sorry for the lengthiness, had to get it off my chest on how great it was! Tight lines….Oh yea can’t leave without showing off a pic with one of catches lololol




Tampa Bay Summer tailing Redfish


Took the DSLR out last night via Kayak and got on some tailing redfish in the low tide. As usual these Tampa Tailing reds were super spooky and did not let me get close enough for a good cast.

I decided instead to take some tailing photos in the sunset.

Nikon D3 using the 70-200mm 2.8

Tailing Redfish

Tailing Redfish

Tailing Redfish

Bonefish tailing in ankle deep water


When walking the flats of Long Island Bahamas on a recent trip it started to rain and the winds died. This started the bonefish tailing in the slick calm waters.

Instead of casting I decided to get out the video camera. I followed this single tailer all the way into ankle deep water and got as close as 10′ away.

Early Summer on Texas’ Lower Laguna Madre



Boat Stopper en route to the Lower Laguna Madre, a unique hypersaline lagoon that offers excellent sight fishing for redfish and trophy trout at the Southern tip of Texas. Fifty-Five miles long by six miles wide, almost the entire Lower Laguna Madre is less than 3 feet deep and is uniquely clear compared to the rest of the Texas Gulf Coast. Three most suitable ports of entry are South Padre Island, Arroyo City, and Port Mansfield. The rest of the Laguna is bordered by the massive King Ranch, Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, and Padre Island National Seashore. As a fishery, the Lower Laguna Madre has two distinct areas, east and west sides. West side bays are covered in black mangroves, shoal and turtle grass meadows. Running through the middle is the intracoastal waterway. East side flats are hard packed sand flats. Similar to Mosquito Lagoon, we experience a tide delay that is directly related to distance from one of two gulf passes and is also greatly influenced by the wind.



Slicked out mornings are a welcome sight once spring winds start letting up

Slicked out mornings are a welcome sight once spring winds start letting up


Texas' Lower Laguna Madre is split between an east and west side. East side flats are composed primarily of sand which make for some fantastic wading for redfish and very large speckled trout

Texas’ Lower Laguna Madre is split between an east and west side. East side flats are composed primarily of sand which make for some fantastic wading for redfish and very large speckled trout. Perfect for wading barefoot, tough on props.


When clouds and wind cooperate, fish can be spotted several fly lines away. When cruising as pictured above, they appear more like pink bonefish than redfish.

When clouds and wind cooperate, fish can be spotted several fly lines away. When cruising, as pictured above, they appear more like pink bonefish than redfish.


Slicked out afternoon somewhere on the Laguna... don't blink

Slicked out afternoon somewhere on the Laguna



Quality west side fish caught by Chuck from California

Quality west side fish caught by Chuck from California. West side flats are covered in seagrass meadows and flanked by mangrove shorelines.



Jay from Colorado with a nice fish from a black mangrove lined shoreline

Jay from Colorado with a nice fish from a west side shoreline



Oversized redfish on an obnoxious popper

Oversized redfish on an obnoxious popper


Speckled trout caught out of a pod of tailing redfish

Surprise trout that was mixed in with a pod of redfish


Very large speckled trout are a common sight laid up in grassy potholes in super shallow water. Extremely camoflauged, these fish are the most challenging species commonly found on the Laguna. This specimen was spotted only because about 1/4 inch of her tail was sticking out of the water.

Very large speckled trout are a common sight laid up in grassy potholes in super shallow water. Extremely camouflaged on a grassy bottom, these fish are the most challenging species commonly found in the Laguna. Here is Carlton with his personal best trout, second on the fly this day. This fish’s mistake was that she left half of her tail sticking out of the water while laid up along a west side shoreline.



Another  very large trout caught and released.




-Capt Ben Paschal




Rick De Paiva


Wasp Cam Slick calm run in the Keys

Shot this on the Wasp Cam .. a gopro like camera with very similar specs and some even better and the gp3 black.

Adventures in the Glide by Captain Justin Price with Jan Maizler








Adventures in the Glide


By Captain Justin Price with Jan Maizler





By Captain Justin Price


Recently I was presented with the opportunity to run and fish East Cape Skiffs’ new super shallow draft model, the Glide, in the Mosquito Lagoon.  Needless to say I jumped at the chance and was fortunate enough to have a few days off to put this vessel to the rigors of full-on flats and shallow water fishing.

Keeping it Simple-


Fishing Day One-

My 9yr old daughter Kailey joined me on the first day of fishing in the northern Mosquito Lagoon. Our strategy of staying up shallow in the islands would no doubt be easy in the Glide. We set out just as the sun came up, working our way through shoal water trying our best not to encounter any manatees along the way.

The first spot had some nice redfish working shorelines feeding on mullet and other small baitfish.  Kailey was on the bow casting soft plastics with hopes of a strike on any given cast. With no success there we made a move which gave me another opportunity to drive this sweet little skiff.

The water in the northern Mosquito Lagoon has been pretty low on the low tides keeping the fish concentrated in the sand holes and shallow sloughs. After a three minute run, our next spot revealed redfish and big trout tailing in the grass. I continued to push forward through the shallows to some nice sand holes where we were welcomed by a school of 75-100 mid to upper slot “happy” redfish rolling and flashing on the surface. Once Kailey saw them, she made the perfect cast, swimming a D.O.A. soft plastic on the surface right in their midst. A wad of fish charged the lure in a competitive frenzy. One “lucky” fish won the fight resulting in a bent rod and screaming drag for Kailey. After releasing the first fish, we continued to work the school and brought a few more fish to the Glide, including myself fishing from the poling tower.









We decided to finish the morning cruising around the lagoon and taking a stop on an island which is our ritual when on the water. Our Glide was a tiller model with no bells and whistles. It was super light, powered by a 20hp Suzuki and a perfect match for the speed and weight ratio of this design.  The hole shot was remarkable, leveling the skiff out in seconds.




Fishing Day Two-


Fellow guide and good friend Captain Joe Roberts joined me for the second day on the Glide. He was quite interested in experiencing this little skiff’s performance.  We launched early around 5:30am from Beacon 42 in Mosquito Lagoon with just enough color in the sky to see and cross the open lagoon that was already rolling with a solid northwest wind. Surprisingly enough, crossing in the chop in “quartering” fashion, the Glide handled smoothly and we stayed completely dry.


We were only going to be out for just a few hours so we went right to where the redfish were hanging out recently.  Joe took the bow first and we started our search for some large redfish that had been tailing lately on the edges of the flat. I kept the bow into the chop as I poled looking for giant tails. Joe and I were impressed at how quiet the Glide was and how well it tracked.  After searching for a bit we had only managed to catch and release a few trout with the largest at five pounds, but there was no sign of the giant redfish.


We decided to give it a few more minutes and switched positions with me on the bow and Joe on the pole.  I grabbed my 8-weight and started to blindly work the edge in anticipation of a trout to take the fly. Joe pushed us up shallow to look for some slot size redfish while also keeping our eyes peeled on the edge for the giants.


Without success, as we started to push off the flat, Joe called out, “there they are!” Tails and backs were breaking the surface as the fish hovered in only two feet of water. While Joe gets me in position for the cast he joked that “they’re not going to eat that fly. If you get one to eat not even land him, I’ll buy you a six- pack of your favorite beer!”


I laughed, knowing very well how hard it is to feed a fly to our big Mosquito Lagoon redfish. What happened next surprised both of us and I’m not talking about my perfect cast. Even though I was shaking I managed to lay the fly just out in front softly and only stripped the fly twice before one of the fish ate. It pulled the line very hard from my finger tips and before I knew I was into my backing.


This is something I had not seen in a long time. We both thought for sure this battle was going to go on for a while as the fish took us off the flat and into some deeper water. Between fighting the fish and screaming with joy I turned to Joe and told him what brand of beer I wanted and how cold I would like it to be when he delivered it. We finally got our first look at the fish near the Glide, anticipating a few more runs. Surprisingly, it came up on the surface rolling over exhausted from the battle in just under ten minutes.



Glide giantredheromidship


Glide 3 giantredheroglide



We were both overwhelmed with excitement while getting photographs and then, a quick but thorough release.  That redfish is my biggest to date measuring 40” and around twenty pounds. My day was complete so I finished the morning on the poling tower pushing Joe to some shallow water tailing redfish with no success. We made our way back to the ramp just cruising and enjoying the ride in the Glide.



A Look at the Glide-


The East Cape Glide is an excellent micro skiff with an overall length of 17ft and a width of 58”. The model featured in the images was built with simplicity in mind with a 20hp Suzuki that sips fuel. There is a storage hatch in the front that is completely dry for personal belongings or PFD’s. The rear hatch it is divided into two buckets- one for tackle or other items to be stored and the other can be a livewell.


Underneath the deck just in front of the back hatch there is open storage for easy access to tackle or a camera case. The under gunnel storage allows for six rods total with plenty of room for fly rods.


As far as performance, the Glide handles quite well in the turns. It is very dry for a skiff this size in a decent chop. The Glide planes out super quick, allowing it to jump up shallow without chewing up the bottom.  I never measured the draft but it was very impressive in just mere inches. This skiff poles really easy, quiet with the bow in the chop, and tracks great.


Most people would be concerned about how tippy the skiff may be but in my opinion its not bad at all considering the size of the skiff. I guide and fish from a canoe as well as my East Cape Lostmen. I stand and pole my canoe around without a problem so making the adjustment to the Glide was not an issue for me at all.


All in all it’s a great skiff and priced well too, with endless options available. Where I fish in the Mosquito Lagoon located in East Central Florida this is a perfect two man skiff for our area or others areas in the country where a shallow drafting micro skiff is needed. Whether you’re a recreational angler who likes to fish solo or with a second angler or if you’re a guide in need of a second boat for those days you have a single client you need to check out this sweet little skiff.  You will be impressed!




East Cape Skiffs




Captain Justin Price