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Punta Rassa sunset


Rick De Paiva


Pending fishing Road Trip agenda

I will be doing a road trip in September towing a small 2 man skiff from Tampa to Texas and then back. I am thining seven to 10 days and stopping along the coast to do some fishing. Here are a few places people have suggest. As it gets closer I can start to narrow things down.

Jet Ski accident caught on video

Some people just do not need to be on Jet Ski. This was a close call as no one got seriously hurt according to the story.


Going Down To Tuna-Town

Well, since  Jay Riordan stole my thunder on the Tuna fishing report I planed to post  I’m going to wing this months blog… I guess since Jay showed you how to catch em, I will show you how to cook em! There are several ways to eat your fresh caught Tuna, they include seared, raw or rolled into sushi or sashimi. Notice I did not mention anything about cooking it. A common mistake some  people make is cooking their tuna all the way through.  PLEASE DO NOT ruin fresh caught Tuna by cooking it all the way on the grill or God forbid baking it in the oven. Christ himself will not let you in the gates of heaven for an atrocity of this magnitude. I have cooked it all three ways to show you what the final results should look like. Enjoy!

>If you want it raw (my personal favorite) simply slice against the grain and serve with a little wasabi, avocado, soy and Siracha sauce:


>If you are going to sear it the link below is a simple and delicious marinade and recipe to follow:

Marinade & Recipe 

Tuna 1

>If you want to try your hand at rolling a little sushi this is a great instructional video that helped me with my first roll:


Take care, Sawyer



Looking back I didn’t realize it has been a year since I’ve written anything about any fishing trips.  Long gone are the many trips offshore seeking out snappers and groupers.  Same can be said about another cobia season up in Destin.  However semi-annual trips to Venice, LA still get my heart going.  I won’t bore you with the little details of the trip but I have to extend a big thanks to my friend Todd for allowing us to stay at his house and take us out fishing on an overnight trip, my first overnight trip to the rigs.  Also to my friend David Sun who put it all together and invited me on yet another amazing trip.

Day 1, we rode out with Capt Hunter Cabellero from Paradise Outfitters.  After a quick stop to load up the live well with runners we were off to the first and only rig.  Upon arrival the best way to describe the action for the next two and a half hours would be Elegant Violence.  A combination of slow rolling backs and sickles slicing through the slick calm water, skyrocketing tunas, and large boils 360 degrees around the boat painted a picture of beauty.  Top water poppers and live blue runners didn’t stand a chance against these fish.  Almost as soon as they were in the water they were getting crushed.  Hunter kept pitching out live runners as chum to keep the tunas near the boat.  As the dust settled and the live well was empty we caught 16 tunas in short amount of time and decided to call it a day at 10am.

Day 2 we left the marina about noon to go catch bait and fish the afternoon, overnight, and morning bite.  Different day but same results.  Poppers and live runners were getting crushed.  We mixed it up a little and decided to do a little chunking and added a few more tuna to the boat.  Right about dark the blackfin tunas made an appearance, almost like they were trying to tempt us not to run out deeper to the big floaters.  We blew them off and ran out deeper and were greeted by more yellowfins.  By about 2am we were all pretty tired so we took a little nap while the boat drifted around in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.  About daybreak we ran to the nearest rig and picked up right where we left off at sunset.   Tunas, tunas, and more tunas.  We caught a few more and decided to call it a trip before it got too hot and we ran out of ice, 17 tunas and 8 jumbo blackfins burn a lot of ice.

Overall it was without a doubt the best trip I’ve had out of Venice.  Had the pleasure of fishing again with old friends, Todd, David Sun, Jimmy Bennett and Dudley Adams and got to make a new one in Timmy Rattinger.  Thanks again Timmy for introducing us to those M Fischer poppers, you made me a believer!

DSC_0005 DSC_0011 DSC_0018 DSC_0030 DSC_0035  DSC_0040 DSC_5925 DSC_5941 DSC_5974 DSC_5981 DSC_6024 DSC_6029 DSC_6040 DSC_6049 DSC_6071 DSC_6085 DSC_6106 DSC_6111 DSC_6112

500lb Grouper

We were running back from doing some sword fishing in the keys when we can across a boat fishing this large fish. We decided to stop and film what he had hooked.

It turned out to be about a 500lb Goliath grouper.

Waspcam Gideon 120fps slow motion video

I have had the Waspcam Gideon now for a few weeks and been using it on and off.  So far it’s been pretty easy to use as I learn my way around all the features.


This is a couple of video in 720p 120fps slow motion mode.

One is a boat run with my buddy Rick  DePaiva last week and the other was in the pool filming the Paul Brown Fat Boy as it glides though the water.



Hobie PA17 write up by John Donohue , Pro Angler 17

The Beast Is Unleashed

ICAST 2014 saw Hobie really step outside the box with the introduction of the Pro Angler 17 Tandem; a mirage driven, hands free fishing machine built for two anglers. The 900 pound capacity gives you the freedom to take along a buddy, your favorite junior angler or the love of your life. There is plenty of space to move around including enough room to bring along a furry friend to make sure everyone enjoys a great day of fishing.


This 17 foot self propelled craft will certainly be a favorite of guides, especially those that specialize in fishing in No Motor Zones. No more worrying about the kayak learning curve while trying to put inexperienced clients on fish. Professional guides will now be able to propel their anglers either via the Mirage pedal system or being able to stand and push pole their clients into position for the perfect cast. There are countless No Motor Zones around the country that will be accessible to those who previously choose not to go the solo kayak route. The PA17 is the buddy boat that will open up new fisheries to the no-motor, hands free anglers from the crystal clear waters of the Florida Keys, where you can sight fish for bone fish and permit, to the eco-friendly lakes all throughout the countries heartland where bass are king. While stealth is my favorite advantage of the Mirage driven Hobie line of boats, the pollution free operation definitely is a huge bonus.


While the PA17 is the perfect guide boat it offers so much more. There are three different seating configurations to maximize the fun! There is a traditional guide setup, a face to face social or teaching position or a stripped down solo setup. This jumbo sized Hobie may be overwhelming at first, but the ability to add on so many options make the possibilities almost limitless. Of course you cannot roof top this cutting edge addition to the Pro Angler family, but how often do you see a 17 foot poling skiff or jon boat on top of any vehicle? Although the rigged weight of around 250 pounds is a bit intimidating for some traditional kayak anglers, it is really a non-issue for any of them that have ever transported a motorized craft.


The increase in length not only lets you bring a friend along, but it truly offers owners a multitude of new customization options. It begins with the 12 sided H-Rail mounting system that runs both sides of the boat making sure that anglers have the same ability to mount their favorite add-ons for access from both the bow and stern seats. The accessory options are almost limitless. Take your pick; rod racks, mounting plates for electronics (all PA’s are Lowrance ready pre-installed wire plugs), the new Hobie Tackle Bin, as well as, a myriad of other goodies. If you are a live bait angler or like to keep your catch healthy for the weigh in, there is the new eleven gallon Livewell XL that fits perfectly into the elevated molded tray. It would be hard not to add the Power-Pole Micro to complete this PA’s efficiency and make it the most versatile roto-molded boat ever. Look for the PA17T at your favorite Hobie dealer this fall.


Pedal On! (XL Style)

Follow yourself with a video Drone Airdog

This would be totally cool.. film yourself or boat running just by pressing a few buttons.

ICAST 2014, SIMMS 2015 line up

ICAST 2014, SIMMS 2015 line up.

I was able to get into the Simms booth to get a complete presentation of the new line up.

Part two the Spring 2014 as well as 2015 air tight Z series pack.