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How to get the knot out of braid the easy way.

Ever get a wind knot using braid? If you say no, I am willing to bet you might be telling fishing tails.
Most everyone that fishes braid knows sometimes it just happens. They also know that once it cinches down it is almost impossible to get undone. Here is a simple way to get the knot out of your braid using chapstick. If you get the all easy ones out first this method works 9 out of 10 times.

wind knot fix using chapstick

POONFECTA – Micro Tarpon Fly Fishing Tournament In Tampa Bay

If you’re looking for a good time with great food, cold beers and Tarpon then this is an event you need to check out. I fished the Poon Fecta last year and had a blast! It’s a fun tournament with a bunch of guys that like to catch baby tarpon on fly, drink beer and get together for an awesome weekend. For more information and details see below.

Poonfecta lgoo-4

Click Here To Register For Poonfecta

Poonfecta Overview

– 2 man teams, fly fishing only, micro tarpon
– $60 per team (proceeds benefit Bonefish and Tarpon Trust and Waterkeeper Alliance)
– 2 tacos, 2 beers, tournament t-shirt, captains bag, raffle ticket, and a good ass time.


September 25

  • Captains’ kick-off party8 pm (Open to public at Bar Fly) *Only one team member has to be present at the check-in/kickoff.
  • Start fishingat the end of the captains party on 25th.

September 26
– Poonfecta Filmmakers night sponsored by Estrada Art at 8 pm. (Open to public)
– Estrada Art show from 7-10 pm. (Open to public)

September 27
– Photo check-in from 1 to 3pm (After 3:01pm your fish will not be counted unless in line at the check-in table.) *Both teammates have to be present at the weigh-in.
– Casting competition starts at 4:30 pm (Open to public)

Tournament Rules

– All pictures must have team number marker, law stick, and fish.
– Measurements are from the farthest point of the jaw to the natural lay of the tail. (natural lay =  wherever the tail naturally lays.) *Please remember to practice proper catch and release techniques 


  • Awards/prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place team -3 tarpon closest to 24″
  • Award/prize for 1st place individual -1 tarpon closest to 0″
  • Award/prize for 1st place individual -1 tarpon over 40″ #poonfectaBIG2015 award
  • Award/prize for 1st place team -‘POONCUTTA’ most tarpon caught during 3 days of event!
  • Proceeds benefit: Bonefish & Tarpon trust and Project Healing waters

For Directions to Poonfecta @ Bar Fly Restaurant & Bar (Click Here)

Bring your “A” Game because we’ve already been practicing!

See you there, Sawyer


The new SMITH Optics “Guide’s Choice”

As fisherman we all have our own sunglasses company/brand we believe is “tried and true”. In all honestly most upper-echelon sunglasses companies make a pretty competitive lens these days. Lets face it, if you can’t see fish with one brand, you sure as hell aren’t gonna see em with a different brand. So besides a great lens I also take into consideration functionality, durability and style. In my opinion the pair that covers the entire basis are the new “Guide’s Choice” by SMITH Optics.  Not only is new Techlite Polarchromic lens bad ass, but the frame design provides some other innovative features as well.

Smith Review II (4 of 4)

One of my favorite aspects of the GC is the built in retainers. You simply pop out the existing temple pad and replace it with the retainer cord which has an integrated pad attached to each end piece (this comes standard with every pair of GC’s and can be seen below). Some slide-on retainers can be cumbersome and irritate the back of your ears especially when wearing a hat. The built in retainers keep the look sleek and the fit true to form.

Smith Review II (1 of 4)

The next feature I feel  is key and often overlooked by many anglers is the wide arm that connects at the hinge. The width keeps out light which allows the lens to perform the way it is intended. When light enters through the back of the lens it creates refraction, this bends the light and causes small reflections making it tough to see through the water. Any form of reflection on the water is the last thing an angler wants when trying to spot fish from the poling platform. The wide arm on the GC’s will prevent light from entering through the side of the glasses.

As for strength and toughness these bad boys are as hardy as they come. I drop my glasses at least once a day on the boat deck from just being clumsy. I also take about a gallon of salt spray to the face a day when it’s rough out. So far all my SMITH glasses have stood up to the elements. Let’s face it, some of us just plain destroy glasses no matter how rugged they may be. For all you destructive anglers, SMITH has you covered with a lifetime warranty on all products!

Smith Review II (3 of 4)

Last but not least is the style. If you take a look at what’s out there, most “fishing” glasses these days all have that same mundane look. Not only do I wear my glass on the boat but I wear them everywhere I go. So when I want to NOT look like every “Salt Life Guy” and their brother at the marina tiki bar I simply pop off the retainers and I have a classy pair of shades to drink beer and look good doing it.

Take Care, Sawyer


Adding a Power-Pole Micro to the L2Fish SUP


Shot this video on how to mount the Power-Pole on the L2Fish SUP.  LIVE Watersports, located in Clearwater, FL makes these SUPs here in FL and with their collaboration with YakAttack, have made mounting accessories extremely easy. Click here for more information on the YakAttack BlackPak and other rigging accessories.

With the release of the new battery pack for the Micro, you don’t have to worry about the extra battery and running cables. Check out:



New for 2016 PENN Clash 3000 review by Hai Truong

By Hai Truong

What all Penn guys have been waiting for and what Penn competitors have feared, the new ‘CLASH’ and the fifth year in their evolution of lightweight spinning reels. The ‘CLASH’ is their lightest spin reel to date, making its debut earlier this year at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades show, better known as ICAST in Orlando, Florida mid July. Where they took another award for Best Saltwater Reel in the New Product Showcase category.


Last year’s award also went to their “Battle II”, one of their stepping stones in lightweight spin reels by Penn and always great to see a dedicated company continuously making improvements while maintaining the same price points.

largy cla3000

At first glance we see the iconic black and gold color scheme, than quickly notice all the laced carbon fiber in a sealed spool knob, sealed spool and side plates, combined with the weight reduction in body, handle, aluminum bail wire and spool makes for most of the trimmed fat. The rest sits inside with their CNC Dura-Gear technology for longevity and nine sealed bearings keeps everything moving smoothly. 2000-5000 models also feature a ‘Rigid Resin’ rotor, a high strength graphite and CNC aluminum gear. The rotors in the 6000 and 8000 series are made of aluminum with CNC brass gears. All models have a CNC brass pinion. This review is on the 3000 series.



Wrap all this with their Full Metal Body that eliminates twist or folding under extreme loads and drag pressure for a low weight, precise and smooth inshore/freshwater spin reel. The 3000 offers a max drag of 15lbs. with a 35 inch per crank on line return is very nice on a small body reel. The carbon drag washers have proven themselves over the last decade with the HT-100 system. I really like all the weight reductions and the CNC machined internals feel smooth yet solid. Anti-reverse stops on a dime and I’m very particular about this, any kick back should not tolerated. There is a seal for the clutch bearing that helps protects the anti-reverse from corrosion, one of the main bearings causing a rough feel and usually 2nd to go to the line roller bearing pending use.


The largemouth bass was caught the next morning back in Miami, FL from Orlando’s ICAST, while testing various products. The freshwater tarpon was caught more recently and performed amazingly well on lite tackle, I actually felt like I had a bit too much reel and found myself backing off the smooth drag, making confident adjustments in transition and under load was like a finely tuned tool of the trade.

Available October 2015.


freshy poon cla3000


*Note none of the ‘CLASH’ series are completely sealed.

Fishing with Zman

I picked up my first pack of Zman soft plastics a little under a year ago, and now it’s almost all I buy.

Anglers are always on the search for the best baits in the industry, and hard-earned money is used to buy these baits with the underlying promise that it will catch you more fish. This company has one specific reason that these baits stand out against competitors, ElaZtech plastic.

ElaZtech has solved a few problems that I have encountered with other plastics . First off, the durability of these baits are amazing. Generally I only go through about 1-2 baits after a full day of fishing, they hardly ever get destroyed by pufferfish and I don’t recall ever losing one while fighting a fish.

Another feature worthy of notice is that some of the products, such as the PogyZ and PaddlerZ, are scented with Pro-cure. Pro-cure is a scented fishing gel that is applied to the outside of baits to attract fish by smell instead of just sight. Many believe this is a key ingredient in getting picky fish to bite, and I can definitely say it hasn’t scared any fish away!

Matching the hatch? Not a problem! although these are not cinematic representations of specific fish like Live Target and Savage gear make, I think they do an excellent job representing a few different baitfish.


If I’m in an area where a lot of pinfish are present, I like to use a Scented PogyZ (which I also use for skipping because they have larger, flatter sides). For most general purposes however, my favorite is a Scented PaddlerZ. Although, if I see fish keying in on finger mullet a DieZel MinnowZ is hard to beat. Another advantage of the DieselZ minnow is a large wedge tail that will cause a bit more disturbance if you’re fishing in darker water.

Some cons about these baits: Although they are very durable, only 5 come in a pack and it comes out to about a dollar a bait. For most that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, unless you are use to throwing out your bait every time you switch colors. Another problem that has occurred to me is throughout the day when exposed directly to Florida’s sun, I’ve had a few baits melt in the package. Since then I’ve changed the way I store them (now in a large tupperware container with other plastics), and I don’t seem to have the problem anymore.

Most importantly- these baits catch fish. I know what my hand is already reaching for when I see a passing redfish. Simply put, these baits are another essential tool in my tackle box, and they have a very distinct advantage to other plastics in the market right now. Don’t believe me? Pick up a pack yourself, I’ve got the feeling you’ll be as hooked as the fish you’re catching!

For more pictures check me out on Instagram @Alanwise333


Tight lines,

-Alan Wise

Cajun Fishing Adventures in Buras, LA

The fishing in Louisiana is only good in two spots, offshore and inshore. If you like you catch, instead of fishing, you need to check Louisiana once.

Here is clip I shot of the lodge while I was there last week.

Though the lodge only has guides to do inshore, the offshore is amazing there.

Besides catching bull reds all day you can catch Tunas as close in as 5 miles from the mouth of the river along with cobia, triple tail, kings .. .etc etc. If you drive, bring a cooler.

Anisa fishing Jewelry video

You guys probably know Anisa Stewart, from her awesome fishing jewelry.

Many probably do not know that her and her mom makes every single one by hand from design, polishing it up and boxing them right here in Ft. Myers Florida.

This video was shot at her house/office a couple weeks ago before I headed to Venice, LA . I finally had a chance to finish it up this morning. Hope you guys like it.

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to get 20%

L2Fish: Mighty Mount Mod

Great tip on how to remove the flex in the GearTrac on the L2Fish paddle board when using a “boom type” camera mount or to give a rod holder more support.

Click on this link to get the part you need:  Mighty Mount