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ICAST 2015, SHM Cranka Crab

Though very very successful in Australia the original Cranka crab had tiny treble hooks in the claw and would be an issue for our fishery here in Florida. May 2014, I tried to buy some from Australia to take over to the Bahamas and they were totally sold out. This lure is so popular that until this day, a year later, I have not gotten to fish with a Cranka Crab. Yes that is pretty damn popular.

Social media makes the world quite small these days. As luck may have it a friend of a friend of a friend on FB  who knew us both told me Steve(co creator) would be at the ICAST (2014) in Orlando.   He showed me his new prototype Crab lure (after signing a non disclosure of course) which was still in development. He tells me he would be back next year ICAST 2015.

True to his word he was there at ICAST 2015 this year to launch his new crab lure, the SHM Cranka Crab. This crab lure is a totally modular , customizable down to the claw, body, size colors, and weights.  I have to say… this new crab lure,  the “SHM Cranka Crab”  is the most versatile, most realistic crab lure ever created.

If you have been following me for a bit (I have been saltwater fish blogging since 2007), you know I do not make statements like this lightly.

( Whois Time Line is first created on 21.2.2007. Latest update is on 24.7.2015.)

In this world of , everything I sell is the best, it is tough to get real unbiased opinion any more.  Don’t take my word for it,  watch the video  I shot at ICAST, I do believe you will agree this lure certainly deserves the praise.

The SHM Cranka Crab comes in 3 sizes and sells for about $14.00/us

They are on Facebook.  The lure will be available Jan 2016.

Shm Cranka Crab

Shm Cranka Crab

Saying Adieu


This week I bid farewell to an old friend, my Tibor Gulfstream. It has now departed to the hands of a close friend.

The reel was purchased in 1997, and I can’t count how many Tarpon it has seen in its days.

As previously posted, I’ve officially switched to Nautilus; where performance meets art.

Rick De Paiva


New contributor Butch Newell

The newest member to the Salty Shores crew is local Tampa Bay fisherman Butch Newell.

He will be creating writing and video product reviews, rigging tips, and anything outdoors related.

Honestly though he, just loves to talk about the outdoors.

Butch will also be at iCAST providing updates to the Salty Shores FB Page as well.

Butch Newell

Butch Newell

ICAST 2015 coverage

Tuesday is the big day for ICAST new fishing gadget peeps. I will be there the entire week covering it. You can see live updates on Instagram and the Saltyshores FB page.

Meanwhile here is sizzler I put together for Mustad Hooks.

The full 15minutes will be playing at ICAST this coming week. I will upload the full one after ICAST.

Mustad Ultra Point Jig heads for ICAST 2015

I had a the chance to try some Mustad’s New Ultra point jig heads. I did not know this but Mustad who has provided hooks for many jig head companies out there has never themselves produced a Mustad Brand jig head.

This year they are out for ICAST 2015. They are targeting the fresh as well as saltwater.

They have made all the jig heads with their durable and sharp Ultra Point technology. If you fish saltwater strength and durability is a key factor when it comes to fishing for larger fish.

Mustad is doing a full launch next week at ICAST 2015. They will a variety of colors, weight, hook sizes and style.

Here are some photos of the sample they gave me to try out.

Mustad Ultra Point Jig heads

Mustad Ultra Point Jig heads

Mustad Ultra Point Jig heads

Mustad Ultra Point Jig heads

Once upon a hell of a time.

Check out this short video released by Smith Optics. Makes me want to take a trip to the Bahamas.

Florida’s Captain Bou Bosso and Bear Holeman took a break from the daily charter routines and headed 150 miles south to Andros Island, which sits just off the coast of Florida. This vast expanse of flats is seemingly untouched and has some of the best bone fishing the world has to offer. Even though their quick three-day mission was met with bad weather and dodgy fish. The crew managed to get their hands on some Bahamian Bonefish, conch salads, and a few rum drinks.

<p><a href=”″>Life Beyond Walls: Andros, Bahamas.</a> from <a href=””>smith optics</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>