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Fishing Product studio photo

The first product is not exactly a fishing product but for some it is requirement when out on the water, beer. :)

This was shot with the flash back lit to get that glow in the beer.


This was shot on black glass for the cool reflective property. This lure is the Tactical Angler Crossover Popper. If you use poppers for saltwater you will love the way this is made specifically for saltwater with super strong hooks.


Fishing Lure photography

With the winds in excess of 20mph and raining for most of the weekend, I took the time to do some product photography.

Since I have many lures laying around I figure those would be the perfect product.

To make them more interested I decided to drop them into a fish tank and use a flash to freeze the action as they splash down.

Here are a few of the shots.


Doa Shrimp


Clouser Fly


Rapala Skitter Walker


Sebile Stick Shad


Paul Brown Fatboy

How to catch baby tarpon in Canals or deeper waters

Catching a baby Tarpon in deep waters can get a bit frustrating. They roll all around you but don’t seem to eat anything you throw at them.

Even when you do get a bite they seem to unhook quite often since they jump so often. Not to mention they keyed in on small baits you can barely throw most of the time.

I am no expert but here is a method I have used to successfully hook and land baby tarpon with decent success rate.


The setup:

I am using Hobie Proangler 14. This allows me to get a little closer but boat will work fine depending how spooky they are.

The gear is light spinning rod with 10lb or so with 20-30lb leader. A 1/8th to 1/4 oz jig head depending how deep they are. The lure is a small swim tail soft plastic. It needs to wiggle in the back to entice the eat. Though I have caught them on small plugs the hook ratio is much lower.

In the video I’m fishing in about about 10′ of water so I need to let my lure sink.

I wait for the fish to roll then make the cast. I then allow for the jig to sink depends on the depth of the water and how fast I got my lure there. This can vary from 2 to 6 seconds for me.

After it drops start a slow and steady retrieve. If you get an eat set the hook. I use a small wire jig head so it can penetrate the jaw easier.

Remember to use a loose drag. This accomplishes two things. The fish will jump less so better chance of the fish staying on. Also since you are using a small wire jig head it is less likely for your hook to bend.

Here is a video I put together to illustrate the entire process.

Smith Optics (ChromaPop Lens) Review

Seeing how I was sick of the same ole run-of-the-mill frames released on the market by most sunglasses companies I decided to look for a new pair of shades. Like everyone else I wanted a great polarized lens with an original set of frames. I was tired of walking into the tackle-shop/marina wearing the exact same pair of sunglasses as every other angler in the place. I looked at a few different options, however most brands all seemed to look the same.  One brand I found that had an original frame, with a great lens at a reasonable price point was Smith Optics. I checked them out online then headed to my local tackle shop to try on a few pair to get the exact fit and style I wanted.

smiths ad (1 of 1)

Gibson (Chromapop Lens) – Seen Above


Because they had such a reasonable price point I decided to get a pair for my girlfriend as well. That weekend we hit the water as we always do to see how they faired. The first thing I noticed was the fit, they kept snug to my face running at high speed which allowed me to look around without worrying about them flying off my face. As for the lens, it performed well in both low-light and sunny conditions. Early in the morning they managed to cut through the water well enough to see fish cruising the mangrove line from about 15 yrds. The clarity and brightness of the ChromaPop lens is what I was most impressed with. It was like someone turned up the vibrance of my surroundings by about 10%. The lens performed as well if not better than any other high-end lens I have used in the past. I am definitely satisfied with the Smith’s I purchased. If you are considering a new set of glasses I would definitely take a look at Smith Optics online or at your local tackle shop.

John A Poon (1 of 15)


Dockside -  (Chromapop Lens) Seen above & below




John A Poon (2 of 15)


Take care, Sawyer

Installing a Powerpole Micro on a small craft, the Wingmaster Sandpiper 150

The Powerpole micro is a remote controlled stake out anchor deployment system made by JLmarine. is a perfect companion for a kayak or a boat up to 1500lbs. It’s a light weight (less than 10lbs) durable and as you can see in the video, simple to install.

Before setting off on the road trip to Louisiana and Texas we installed a Powerpole Micro on the Wingmaster skiff. (Sandpiper 150)

We decided to shoot an installation video of the process so JLmarine can use it on their website for small skiff installation.

Wingmaster FB page