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How to tie the Seabass Herring with John Geddes

This is a video shot a the Fly Expo last week of John Geddes tying the Seabass Herring fly. The fly was originated by Barry Ord Clarke and it looks like it will work very well here in the bay area for reds, snook, trout and if you beef up the hook tarpon that is keyed in on small baits.

Seabass herring Fly

Seabass herring Fly

Seabass herring Fly

Seabass herring Fly

How to Fillet a Triple tail by the TT master Capt Scott Lum

This guy catches more triple tail than anyone I know. If anyone was going to do a how to Captain Scott Lum would be it.

Florida Triple Tail

Florida Triple Tail

Florida Triple Tail

Florida Triple Tail

Florida Triple Tail

Florida Triple Tail

Monster 3X For The Flats


I’ve spent the last few months on many of Tampa Bays flats throwing a Monster 3X X-Move shrimp. Like many anglers soft plastic shrimp lures are my go to bait when trying to catch the bays’ super spooky reds. This has lead to the never ending quest of finding the BEST artificial shrimp.

3 3/4 in. Shrimp


Application: Flats Fishing, targeting Redfish, Snook, and Trout.

I set out with a goal of seeing how many fish I could catch with one bait. After about 6 trips out, generally 35-40 hours of fishing, I had caught 12 reds, 4 snook, 2 trout, and a few catfish and ladyfish in-between. After all these fish I only had a partial piece of the tail missing. Unfortunately in preparation for the next fishing trip I had the bait out, investigating it for it was really sticky…. With not much of a pull one of the tail segments broke, leaving my results somewhat inconclusive.

While I didn’t get my 3 month long story about how this bait lasted 100’s of fish, I did learn a lot along the way!

Hands down, this has been the strongest plastic i’ve ever fished with, no other performed as long as these baits consistently do. Especially without compromising presentation along the way. so I broke it down to some positives, negatives, and improvements that could be made.


Durability – it is among, if not the best, plastic in this category today.
Action – Tail segmentation allows for extreme action and control of the bait
Non slip – I mainly fished with T&A weedless hooks and these baits never fall off which saves you a tremendous amount of time when blind casting for hours.

Weedless application works great for larger, stronger fish on grass flats (Snook, Redfish) but I hooked fewer trout because it almost stays on the hook too well, not sliding down to hook the soft mouth of a trout.

High Maintenance – you can’t store this bait with any other plastics or it will melt. To prevent the bait from getting sticky you must purchase a silicone bait spray.

This bait could be more detailed, shrimp legs and antennas would truly make this an outstanding product.

Perhaps when I gained the most confidence in this bait was when I drifted over a redfish on a flat in very clear water, he spooked a few yards in front of me so I threw out the bait not 5 feet away from my kayak and the fish actually turned around, came back, and ate. Which was very odd for me because Tampa Bay redfish are known for being incredibly spooky.


My experiences with this lure has landed it a secure spot in my tackle box, and I can’t wait to see what Monster 3X has in store for the future!

For more pictures and updates make sure to follow me on Instagram: @Alanwise333

-Alan Wise


IFFF Florida Council Presents The 6th Annual Fly Fishing EXPO, in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. Oct 23 and 24th 2015

If you are into fly fishing, wanting to learn more, starting out, fly tying , fresh water, saltwater, learning how to cast or improving your cast here is an event you will probably want to check out.

The IFFF has an expo in the IGFA office this weekend Friday Oct. 23rd and Sat Oct 24th. They will have the latest greatest in fly gear and there will be plenty of seminar to learn from. The list of speakers and subjects speak for themselves.

IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum300 Gulf Stream WayDania Beach, Florida 33004

expo program

Hobie H-Crate: On the Pier

Most of the gear I have has more than one use and the Hobie H-Crate is no different. Last weekend I found another use for my H-Crate while attending  an outing with a local veterans group on the Skyway Fishing Pier. I had the H-Crate in the truck from a fishing trip the day before and as I was setting up I thought it would be nice to be able to protect my rods from leaning up against the rough concrete.  That is when it hit me, I attached a rod-holder and voila!
This set up worked great for free lining a live bait. I had all my terminal tackle at hand and could angle the rod however I wanted. Next trip I will be trying it with multiple rods and other accessories.
Here is a link to pick up one for yourself:
Feel free to comment below with your own uses of the H-Crate outside of the kayak.

A Passion for Peacocks- Part 2 By Jan Maizler




A Passion for Peacocks- Part 2


Jan Maizler


In the last couple of months, I’ve fished with Hai Truong twice. While the first time in September was excellent, my trip with him last week was superb. We released twelve fish in two hours and left them biting.

Many of the fish were absolute studs and glowing with radiant aggressive color- totally lit-up !  All the fishing took place in urban Miami and truly satisfies my previous burning desire to make an otherwise expensive trip to remote Brazil.

The first five images are from last week.

The next three are from the prior month.




















Hai Truong




TFO Mangrove Telepole, Carbon fiber ultimate selfie stick of polecam

At 26″ this Carbon fiber polecam by TFO is very compact. If extends to 70″ and is made out of carbon making it very stiff and light weight as well.



It is long enough for offshore and plenty long of inshore. The joints telescope and connects using similar to a fly rod. This is great because there is no metal joins to rust or get stuck.



The ultimate in bling selfie stick(Pole Cam) is available at TFO dealers at $79.00