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The Saltyshores newsletter is a recap of what is going on with Saltyshores and it’s contributors. It will more than likely only get out once or twice a month. However there’s plenty of bonuses.

Perks like, photos and video only available in to newsletters subscribers. Plus preview of prototype and articles before the rest readers see them.

We might be putting together group fishing trips and it will be invite via newsletters. Trips like openings on mother ship trips etc.

Get free lures and fishing products like:





I’m also talking to fly companies so we can get you guys hooked up with some fly gear as well. (line, leaders, flies etc)

We will also be giving away many of the goodies we demo and the manufacture wants us just to give it out.

I have lots more lined up, they are just not at the top of my head right now.  All cool stuff  just  for being on the monthly Saltyshores mailing list.