Salty Fly details and F.A.Q.

Salty Fly details and F.A.Q.

Call me if you have any last minute quesitions: 813.404.6742

Last Updated 2.25.2011: Some more questions answered.

  • Measuring stick must be at weight in. If you used your boat’s built in stick, bring your boat.
  • Fish must be measured on solid surface, not in water. If you wade you need to get back to boat to measure it.
  • Due to poor lighting conditions(sizes etc) and to get everyone fishing quickly, Captain’s bag and shirts will be given out at weigh in instead of captain’s meeting.
  • Some guys will be getting together at Circles for beers on Friday 7pm. Anyone is welcome to join the fun.
  • You must provide your own digital camera. Sorry this is not a $1500.00 entry fee tournament 🙂
  • If your fish is bigger than your measuring stick. A flat US dollar is 6″ use that for extension purposes.
  • No you do not have to bring your boat to the weigh in or captain’s meeting but both of you need to be there for both.
  • Measuring stick will NOT be provided. Please bring your own. (no home made sticks please)
  • Final Pay outs: 1st place $1500.00 2nd place $1000.00 3rd Place $500.00
  • Yes there will be  table to check out the gear and raffle items at the weigh in.
  • Money for the optional “Spot” Calcutta will be collected at the captain’s meeting.(Colby Hane will run this part)


On Feb 26th 2011

At 6am Everyone is to meet at.

Cherry’s Apollobeach (it is in a Winn Dixie Parking lot so there’s plenty of boat parking)

6186 North Hwy 41, Apollo Beach, FL 33572 • Phone: (813) 641-9333

Here, after you sign the waiver, you will be given a Captain’s Bag,

Along with the goodies you will get 1 pen, 1 index card and A Photo ID Chip,

  • This chip will be next to all your photos of a fish.
  • When you get back for the weigh in you will exchange this chip for two raffle tickets, one for each angler.

You will be allowed to leave after a briefing of the rules and questions getting answered. There a no boundaries as long as both partners are  back there by 3pm.

The tournament is on a  “per team” basis. The longest 2 redfish plus 1 seatrout.

Take the photos of the fish on a measuring stick(head pointed at zero) with the ID chip clearly so we can see the length.

Also if you in the red fish spot Calcutta make sure you take photo of the side of the fish with most spots.

At 3pm both partners are to check back in at the same location and we will mark you off the list. Remember ties are broken by check in times. If you check in earlier you will edge out the other later checked in team.

Give us your paper with best measurements.

We will calculate the winning team. 1st 2nd and 3rd.

After this is done we will begin the raffle. Everyone gets 1 raffle tickets, you can not buy anymore tickets. Yes that makes your ID chip very very value so please do not loose it. We have thousands of dollars worth of raffle prizes to give out.

Lets have some fun and be safe out there.

Any questions on the rules email me at or phone #: 813.404.6742

Simple Rules:

  • All fish must be caught on fly. No chumming. No scent.
  • All qualifying fish must have “ID Chip” in photo. Otherwise fish will not count.
  • Teams consist of 2 person in one vessel or 2 kayak and 2 anglers.
  • Anglers must be in sight of their vessel and their partners at all times.
  • No mothership (kayak in side your boat etc)
  • No spinning rod on boat day of the tournament


Need some gear when you are in town here’s a list of Local Fly shops

From out of town? Here’s a couple places to stay near the weigh in and have boat parking. Mention Salty Fly and get a discount.

Pirate’s Pointe

Little Harbor

Raffle information:

  • Everyone that fishes the tournament is eligible for the raffle.
  • I am fishing the tournament so yes I will be in the raffle as well.
  • Your Photo chip, once turned in, you will be given 2 ticks one for each of you.
  • No, you can not buy any extra raffle tickets.
  • I have my friend Lauren to pick out the raffle numbers. She is official Raffle girl.
  • The only thing the winners will get is the Cash and trophies. All items we get that is not in captain’s bag will be in the raffle. There is a bunch of good stuff. Not just generically saying that. There is really a lot of good stuff!

Eats near the are we are fishing

On the water:


Circles: Lunch and Dinner, Tiki Bar

1212 Apollo Beach Boulevard, Apollo Beach, FL (813) 641-3275

Little Harbor:  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

611 Destiny Drive, Ruskin, FL (813) 645-7739 ‎


Breakfast places besides fast food:

Grannies Restaurant
514 S US Highway 41
Ruskin, FL 33570-4665
(813) 641-7437