This page will house the Frequently Asked Questions I am currently working on for the new Saltyshores.com

What is your RSS feed link?

You’re in luck, we have both RSS and Feedburner Feeds available on Saltyshores.

Saltyshores Photos and Video fishing blog

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List of Gadgets and Products I USE.

Photo questions:

Here is some helpful tips video. Shot by Bob from South West Florida Outdoors.


What kind of camera did you shoot that with?

  • Nikon DSLR , I have a couple but my current favorite is the D300s

How did you get that shot?  What settings did you use?

  • This depends on the shot of course. If it’s a action shot I usually shooting S(shutter priority, set at 1000+ if the lights allows it)

If I only have X dollars, what is the best camera should I get for the money?

  • Shoot me over an email and I”ll try to help.

Do you like Canon or Nikon?

  • To me it’s Coke vs Pepsi.. they are pretty dam close in quality. Just pick the one you are comfortable with.

What underwater housing do you use?

  • I use the Ikelite underwater housing with an 8″ dome for my Nikon D300.
    The lens is a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye