Wet Test: 2009 Maverick HPX-V 18

August 31, 2009

During one of my days down in the Keys.  Charlie Johnson of Maverick Boat Co. contacted me and we arranged a short wet test for the new 18 HPX-V.  Tony and I met Charlie at […]

TARPON 101-Getting Started

August 22, 2009

One brief moment is all it takes to go from hero to zero. Exhilaration to major frustration. Fish on, to grabbing a bait. Calm atmosphere to total chaos. The only fishing in Tampa Bay that […]

5 Days of Life in the Keys…

July 7, 2009

After many years of blowing things up (yes, I was a pyro), setting things on fire, shooting bottle rockets and roman candles at each other… it was time to put away the fireworks and take […]

South Shore Tampa Bay 5/7/2009

May 5, 2009

Went out this morning with Erik (EzE).  Was able to get on a nice school of reds, that were more than happy to take some pictures with us.  The fish started out in the morning […]

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