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How To Videos

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How to tie the Seabass Herring with John Geddes

This is a video shot a the Fly Expo last week of John Geddes tying the Seabass Herring fly. The fly was originated by Barry Ord Clarke and it looks like it will work very well here in the bay area for reds, snook, trout and if you beef up the hook tarpon that is keyed in on small baits.

Seabass herring Fly

Seabass herring Fly

Seabass herring Fly

Seabass herring Fly

How to get the knot out of braid the easy way.

Ever get a wind knot using braid? If you say no, I am willing to bet you might be telling fishing tails.
Most everyone that fishes braid knows sometimes it just happens. They also know that once it cinches down it is almost impossible to get undone. Here is a simple way to get the knot out of your braid using chapstick. If you get the all easy ones out first this method works 9 out of 10 times.

wind knot fix using chapstick

Adding a Power-Pole Micro to the L2Fish SUP


Shot this video on how to mount the Power-Pole on the L2Fish SUP.  LIVE Watersports, located in Clearwater, FL makes these SUPs here in FL and with their collaboration with YakAttack, have made mounting accessories extremely easy. Click here for more information on the YakAttack BlackPak and other rigging accessories.

With the release of the new battery pack for the Micro, you don’t have to worry about the extra battery and running cables. Check out:



L2Fish: Mighty Mount Mod

Great tip on how to remove the flex in the GearTrac on the L2Fish paddle board when using a “boom type” camera mount or to give a rod holder more support.

Click on this link to get the part you need:  Mighty Mount




How to tie The Canoe Man Loop Knot

Here is a video I did this morning for Mustad of how to tie a Canoe Man Loop Knot. I learned this knot back in the day from Captain Mel of

This is the fastest most efficient loop knot I know of. There are plenty of loop knots out there but this one is fast to tie especially for inshore purposes.

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