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How To Videos

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L2Fish: Mighty Mount Mod

Great tip on how to remove the flex in the GearTrac on the L2Fish paddle board when using a “boom type” camera mount or to give a rod holder more support.

Click on this link to get the part you need:  Mighty Mount




How to tie The Canoe Man Loop Knot

Here is a video I did this morning for Mustad of how to tie a Canoe Man Loop Knot. I learned this knot back in the day from Captain Mel of

This is the fastest most efficient loop knot I know of. There are plenty of loop knots out there but this one is fast to tie especially for inshore purposes.

Mustad How to: The San Diego Jam knot with Ricky Teschendorf from 13fishing

Another Mustad How to:

I shot this yesterday at the 13 fishing office. Not too bad for shooting outside with construction noise all around me.

Originated as a fast and reliable way to tie heavy jigs by west coast tuna fisherman on long-range boats. It is quick and easy to tie.
Here Ricky Teschendorf from 13fishing shows us the San Diego jam knot.

500 lb sword fish and how to rig a squid for sword fish.

This is Captain Brandon Mullar and Lauren Alvarez a couple friends on mine down in the Duck Keys. Brandon is passionate about catching sword fish and is very consistent at catching them especially during the day time.

Here is a photo of them with a 500lb fish caught this last fall.

I also had a chance to shoot a video of how he rig his squid for day and night time sword fishing. He also said it works well trolling for Marlin.



How To: Rigging the Mustad Ultrapoint Grip-Pin for weedless fishing. Get under those mangroves where the fish are.

Mustad Grip-pin, weedless jerk shad hooks.

So as of late I have been using the Mustad Ultra Point Grip-pin worm hooks to fish jerk shad near mangroves. This allows me to not get snagged while I try to get under the mangroves where the fish are.

Mustad Grip-pin




It dawned on me that some people, like me might not have heard of it and how well it performed. I decided to do a short rigging video of how to use them.

Mustad How to: upgrade your lures to 3x strong, no split ring pliers needed just a nail clipper.

Here is a one in a series of How to videos I’m making for Mustad.

Ever loose a nice fish because the stock hook on your lures bend? Mustad makes a 3x strong treble hook that is much stronger than most stock hooks on lures.

I got Adam Walker to show you how to change them out using just nail clipper.

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