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Fishing Videos

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How To: Rigging the Mustad Ultrapoint Grip-Pin for weedless fishing. Get under those mangroves where the fish are.

Mustad Grip-pin, weedless jerk shad hooks.

So as of late I have been using the Mustad Ultra Point Grip-pin worm hooks to fish jerk shad near mangroves. This allows me to not get snagged while I try to get under the mangroves where the fish are.

Mustad Grip-pin




It dawned on me that some people, like me might not have heard of it and how well it performed. I decided to do a short rigging video of how to use them.

How to catch baby tarpon in Canals or deeper waters

Catching a baby Tarpon in deep waters can get a bit frustrating. They roll all around you but don’t seem to eat anything you throw at them.

Even when you do get a bite they seem to unhook quite often since they jump so often. Not to mention they keyed in on small baits you can barely throw most of the time.

I am no expert but here is a method I have used to successfully hook and land baby tarpon with decent success rate.


The setup:

I am using Hobie Proangler 14. This allows me to get a little closer but boat will work fine depending how spooky they are.

The gear is light spinning rod with 10lb or so with 20-30lb leader. A 1/8th to 1/4 oz jig head depending how deep they are. The lure is a small swim tail soft plastic. It needs to wiggle in the back to entice the eat. Though I have caught them on small plugs the hook ratio is much lower.

In the video I’m fishing in about about 10′ of water so I need to let my lure sink.

I wait for the fish to roll then make the cast. I then allow for the jig to sink depends on the depth of the water and how fast I got my lure there. This can vary from 2 to 6 seconds for me.

After it drops start a slow and steady retrieve. If you get an eat set the hook. I use a small wire jig head so it can penetrate the jaw easier.

Remember to use a loose drag. This accomplishes two things. The fish will jump less so better chance of the fish staying on. Also since you are using a small wire jig head it is less likely for your hook to bend.

Here is a video I put together to illustrate the entire process.

Juvenile Tarpon video

A short clip of our juvenile Tarpon fishery on the East Central Region of Florida. This fish was a little bigger than expected, was fun on the 7wt. Enjoy.

The search for Tarpon on the fly from Willy Le on Vimeo.

Prespawn Tailing redfish on a sting ray video

We got on some tailing redfish a few weeks ago. This was and exceptional day as the redfish were hovering around a large stingray following it where ever it decided to go.


I started to shoot photos but as the sun faded I lost the available lighting. I decided to take out the video camera to get some really cool images.


This was from a Kayak so I was able to get really close to the action. Enjoy.


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