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Fishing Videos

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Cajun Fishing Adventures in Buras, LA

The fishing in Louisiana is only good in two spots, offshore and inshore. If you like you catch, instead of fishing, you need to check Louisiana once.

Here is clip I shot of the lodge while I was there last week.

Though the lodge only has guides to do inshore, the offshore is amazing there.

Besides catching bull reds all day you can catch Tunas as close in as 5 miles from the mouth of the river along with cobia, triple tail, kings .. .etc etc. If you drive, bring a cooler.

Triple tail fishing with Captain Scott Lum and Jessica 4.12.2015

Apparently I did not know this.. but 12 of the 19 IGFA Triple tail world record has came out of Canaveral Florida. I was informed of this fact when I had a chance to fish with Captain Scott Lum last week.

Scott loves triple tail fishing and at one time held an IGFA record himself. This time of yeah he consistently gets on the triple tail bite using shrimp pilchards and my favorite artificial lures.


It was a beautiful morning with a slight over cast skies. The wind was from the east which made it a bit rough on the Atlantic ocean side but it was definitely do able. Scott tells me he likes day like today. It keeps many people off the water and the fish just seems to bite better.


I met up with Scott and his friend Jessica a fun day of triple tail fishing. After he got some extra shrimp we helped him launch the 23′ Contender. I was glad were in a bitter boat versus a day boat on rough days like this. I have camera gear and definitely prefer to stay dry.


It didn’t take long before we started to get on fish. Scott rigged up a shrimp and I was used a Mission Fishin 3/4 oz jig head with a Savage Gear 3d shrimp. Scott keeps telling he likes lighter colors but I only had the darker avocado color on me.


After about 15 minutes the first fish came on board a nice keeper triple tail on my not so light Avocado colored 3d shrimp. I turned around and jokingly said “I’m showing you wrong on your home turf!”


The bite was very consistent and everyone started to catch some nice triple tails.  A couple was caught on live shrimp and for the most part the artificial lures did much better for us.

The big difference for me came when I changed out to the 1/2 oz 3d Manic shrimp in the glow color.  I must have caught 7 triple tail on it before loosing it to snag.




The biggest fish came in at 74 cm. We know this because we had an IGFA ruler on board. The current length record is 69cm. Yes I would have held the new IGFA triple tail length record except for one technicality.  The length record is catch and release only and we kept the fish for dinner.





Overall we caught probably 20 triple tail this day.  This day will go down as the best triple tail fishing I have ever had and they I almost had the IGFA length record.








Scott tells me the next couple months the triple tail fishing is quite consistent and that 74 cm is not uncommon to catch this time of year.  I will definitely have to back and try again.

Here is a fun video I shot of the day’s fishing action.

A day in a life … fishing

I fished the Sticken’ Pigz tournament as the defending champ this year. We won it last year with a weight of over 15.5lbs for one trout and one red fish.

Weight was over 15.5 lbs

Weight was over 15.5 lbs

This year however it was not to be. All we could manage was average trout and no decent redfish for the weigh in.

However, I did bring my camera with me to document the day’s journey .. here is a 2 minute video I put together of the day’s events.

A day in a life … fishing

How To: Rigging the Mustad Ultrapoint Grip-Pin for weedless fishing. Get under those mangroves where the fish are.

Mustad Grip-pin, weedless jerk shad hooks.

So as of late I have been using the Mustad Ultra Point Grip-pin worm hooks to fish jerk shad near mangroves. This allows me to not get snagged while I try to get under the mangroves where the fish are.

Mustad Grip-pin




It dawned on me that some people, like me might not have heard of it and how well it performed. I decided to do a short rigging video of how to use them.

How to catch baby tarpon in Canals or deeper waters

Catching a baby Tarpon in deep waters can get a bit frustrating. They roll all around you but don’t seem to eat anything you throw at them.

Even when you do get a bite they seem to unhook quite often since they jump so often. Not to mention they keyed in on small baits you can barely throw most of the time.

I am no expert but here is a method I have used to successfully hook and land baby tarpon with decent success rate.


The setup:

I am using Hobie Proangler 14. This allows me to get a little closer but boat will work fine depending how spooky they are.

The gear is light spinning rod with 10lb or so with 20-30lb leader. A 1/8th to 1/4 oz jig head depending how deep they are. The lure is a small swim tail soft plastic. It needs to wiggle in the back to entice the eat. Though I have caught them on small plugs the hook ratio is much lower.

In the video I’m fishing in about about 10′ of water so I need to let my lure sink.

I wait for the fish to roll then make the cast. I then allow for the jig to sink depends on the depth of the water and how fast I got my lure there. This can vary from 2 to 6 seconds for me.

After it drops start a slow and steady retrieve. If you get an eat set the hook. I use a small wire jig head so it can penetrate the jaw easier.

Remember to use a loose drag. This accomplishes two things. The fish will jump less so better chance of the fish staying on. Also since you are using a small wire jig head it is less likely for your hook to bend.

Here is a video I put together to illustrate the entire process.

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