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Fishing Videos

Bonefish tailing in ankle deep water


When walking the flats of Long Island Bahamas on a recent trip it started to rain and the winds died. This started the bonefish tailing in the slick calm waters.

Instead of casting I decided to get out the video camera. I followed this single tailer all the way into ankle deep water and got as close as 10′ away.

Wasp Cam Slick calm run in the Keys

Shot this on the Wasp Cam .. a gopro like camera with very similar specs and some even better and the gp3 black.

Boca Grande 2014: First light happy Tarpon

Shot this video over the memorial weekend at first light at Boca Grande Florida. The Tarpon was happy and milling around.

Mangrove fishing using the Wasp Cam

Here is a little clip of me fishing the mangrove this week. I am using the Wasp Cam to film with.

Wasp cam is a gopro competitor that seem to offer the same if not better feature for a much better price.

The coolest feature is the wrist watch RF remote that lets to preview what you are filming as well as control up to SIX camera with one remote!
So far I have noticed a much better battery life as well using the standard battery.

If you are a current GoPro user they have an adapters that will let you use all your gopro mount accessories as well.

Lots of features I have yet to try out like 120 fps and the free phone app. As I try them out I will how they perform.

This clip is 1080 60fps rendered to 720 for youtube,.

a video of Capt. Willy Le’s new Maverick HPX-S

Mosquito Lagoon Guides Day Off

I get a lot of people that ask me “what do you like to do when your not guiding?”. Most people think that since I am a full time fishing guide, the last thing I want to do is fish.

For some guides/captains yes, but for me and a handful of others, all we can think about is going fishing on our days off. It’s a great way for us to get in on the action on the pointy end of the boat. It’s also a great way to stay on top of the fish and know how they are acting for upcoming charters.

I made a short video of a day off with fellow Mosquito Lagoon guide Capt. Billy Rotne….enjoy!

- Capt. Willy Le

Sometimes I get lucky and come across a redfish frenzy on the flats

Usually in Tampa by when we see a fish feeding frenzy on the flats they are usually small jacks or ladyfish. Unless I am bored and want something to pull on the line, for the most part I avoid these things.

This day I got very lucky and the frenzy happens to be slot redfish. Though I have tried, but after that day I never saw it again.

Good thing I was wearing the Pivot Head glasses to capture the moment.

Catching a fish on the Mirror Dine.. full unedited video

This is a video of me working an area in Tampa bay during a high out going tide. The lure of choice was the suspending mirror dine.

This video is unedited from start to finish so you can see the process and how the lure was used to search for fish.


Cayo SUP gen2 fishing Stand up Paddle board

Today I had a chance to test out the new Generation 2 of the Cayo SUP boards. These boards are made specifically for fishing.

34″ wide with a V entry bow, toe rails and rear drains. It makes this boat a very stable and fish able platform.

We paddle against 5-8 mph winds as the sun comes up and the sup handle small chop well and we were able to track nicely. For as wide as it is I was impressed on how fast it paddle. The fit and finish over the gen 1 was greatly improved and well as the weight. At about 40lbs for the 13’8″ is pretty good and I was able to carry it with one hand to and from the truck.

Based price is $1695.00 for the 13’8″ and they go all the way down to the 12′ version at $1250.00

J.B. the owner of Cayo and I manage a couple fish before heading back in. I caught mine on the Savage Gear 3d Shrimp and he got his on the Sebile stick shad.



Walking with Bait and jacks

So the abundant of bait this year makes for some spectacular fall fishing so far. Today I wasn’t fishing as I was at the Hooked on Hope breast cancer tournament volunteering my time.

The fish were so ravenous they did not care if I was in the water with them. they were literally swimming between my legs.

This was shot this morning as everyone was leaving. The birds on the top and the jacks were attacking the bait for hours.

The cycle of life continues…