Reviews of gear like rods, reels, lures, gadgets and such.

Campeche Tarpon by Jan Maizler

April 10, 2016

  Campeche Tarpon   By   Jan S. Maizler     Background-   Those poor souls that have a lifelong unrelenting addiction to the marvelous silver king can have consolations and one of them may […]

Action Hat Review by Hai Truong

March 7, 2016

Action Hat Review by Hai Truong At first glance you see a relatively normal looking hat. Upon closer inspection you notice several mounting spots, five to be exact. You proceed to pick up this normal […]

Rod-Runner Pro In Action

October 12, 2015

  The Rod-Runner Pro is a rod caddy, that allows you to safely and easily carry up to 5 rods in 1 hand. You will see I tried a couple of different ways of securing […]

Portable Fish Finder 101

October 1, 2015

Whether you are fishing ponds in your neighborhood or at your local pier, portable fish finders are giving the average angler a chance to see what is beneath the surface where they only had to […]

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