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Here you will find 1280 lines or resolution images from our contributors.

Just put the mouse over the image, right click and select save link as. This will save it to your computer and can be used a wall paper. -Enjoy

6.20.2011: Kenny Smith Free Wall Paper Set

Free Wall Paper Terms Of Use 

For entities who use these images for personal use only which is defined as a personal home page that does not sell or profit from monies derived from said site.  For personal invitations and cards or personal decorations.  When determining personal use, the use would be that which is of a personal nature only, no money making or promoting of any kind. Saltyshores reserves the right to determine if your needs are commercial or not. Commercial sites (any money making sites) should contact us for usage terms.

All images used should not be altered to remove the Saltyshores water mark.

Those who create web pages for profit of any kind, are not allowed to use these images at all. Contact us regarding a use license.

No redistribution.

Limited License

Licenses are required for the following (contact us for details)

  • commercial sites (any money making site)
  • non-profit or not-for-profit organizations
  • government agencies
  • religious organizations


We reserves the right to change and modify these terms as is necessary to further protect our images and copyright.

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