Tim rajeff echo2 by: Benzo

November 27, 2009

Echo2 SW I had a chance to pick up a 7wt Echo2 SW fly rod this past weekend.  I was on a mission to search for a fast, powerful rod that will handle the rigors […]

Tarpon Video on Fly teaser edit 1

October 10, 2009

Related posts: Tailing Bone fish Video in the Keys, Teaser 4.2.2010 I got a chance to do a quick clip… 120 Tarpon on Fly teaser edited with Sony Vegas with Captain Benny Blanco 120 Tarpon […]

What to expect in Alaska in September.

September 5, 2009

Here is my attempt at writing a short to the point cliff notes version of what to expect in Alaska, if you do decide to take a trip there. Not that I’m a big expert […]

Dolphin Gator Mullets

September 4, 2009

Sept 4th 2009 Today I made the drive down to the Everglades National park again.. this time just to take some photos and HD video of tarpon crashing bait. I got there way too eary […]

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