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South Padre Island Redfish

Here is a short video shot and edited by Johnny Quiroz,  one of the members of the Guides of Texas.  I always look forward to our trips to fish.  He is an extraordinary caster and fun to be around.  Enjoy.

Kenny Smith


Guides of Texas

Late Summer Redfish

There is nothing more enjoyable than flyfishing on a skiff with someone that can put an 80 to 100 foot cast right on the spot.  The fish don’t even realize you’re in the same zip code.  As I spotted fish and began to put the boat in position, John Pilmer would already be starting his cast.  That would remind me that I didn’t need to ease the boat into the zone that has a good chance of spooking the fish.  John could close the distance.
Here are a few shots from yesterday.


Kenny Smith


Islamorada to Flamingo

Capt. Steven Tejera picked my wife and me up at the back steps of the Mitchell’s Key Villa in Islamorada, (neat place, by the way), and promptly set out for the 45 minute ride across Florida bay to Flamingo. At my request, the morning was set aside for Tarpon fishing but, unfortunately, the tarpon didn’t get the memo. Or maybe they did, depending on your perspective. By the afternoon,we ended up on a flat infested with trout and redfish with a few nice snook.
The wind had picked up considerably and I was dreading the ride back. I run a Maverick HPX-T back home in Texas and I have been in some rough chop, but I can tell you that Capt. Tejera’s Dolphin 16 ran considerably smoother than my Maverick. I was very impressed. Oh, and by the way, Steven does things in this boat that I would have never thought possible. The kid knows how to handle a boat.
Thanks for a great trip Steven!


It is not often we get slick, calm conditions in south Texas and the last month or so has been extremely windy every day and every night. So this was welcomed and I hitched a ride with Capt. Rick Hartman and Tony Kirk. As we ran into a back bay, reds began pushing. We shut down and were surrounded by large pods of tailing redfish. And they were hungry.

Kenny Smith

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