Saltyshores started off as way for me to archive my fishing report and photos. Through out the years I found many individual that shared the same passion as I did. Many I have fished with and some I have not, but we all something had in common. We all enjoy sharing the imagery we capture outdoors. This common goal of sharing imagery of the outdoors lead to creating a tight nit group of writers and photographers that make up our current list of Saltyshores contributors. With original photography and video, Saltyshores quickly grew to became and still is the most read salt water fishing blog in Florida.

Today, with the rapid growth of Facebook and other internet portals, what started out as an outdoor photography blog has now morphed itself into a “social media hub”. Saltyshores is now the birth place of many ideas and projects that involve Facebook interactions and participation.

In February of 2011 Saltyshores successful assemble and ran the largest Fly only tournament in Florida called the Salty Fly. Leveraging the powers of social media, the tournament roster was filled up with 40(two man team) boats in less than 3 days with more than 10 teams on the waiting list. People came from far away as Colorado and Massachusetts as well as all over the State of Florida to participate. The Salty Fly was a huge success and remains the largest fly only tournament.

Partnering with sponsors, we are putting together a Photo contest based on Facebook, Twitter and Google credentials to select the winners. Besides giving away some great products to participants, the goal is to expand the fan base and branding of Saltyshores and its partners. A win/win situation for everyone involve using social media as a basis.

We are always looking for great ideas to garner participation. Feel free to contact us up if you want to partner with some interesting and fun projects we both can benefit from.

Best Regards

– Sam Root and the Saltyshores crew


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