Catching 120lb Tarpon on a swimbait. From cast, hookup, fight, landing and release

Fishing the rivers you some times run into some giant fish. These tarpon comes here and feed on lady fish and mullet. I used an 8″ Pulsetail mullet to hook and land this big tarpon in the Everglades. It got a little crazy but the fish was landed the hook was retrieved.

Pulsetail Mullet 8″ : 6″ if you are going after smaller fish or they are keyed in on smaller baits. I have caught big fish on the 6″ and smaller tarpon on the 8″ so it just depends. I have yet tried the fast sinker.

I like the White or silver for ocean and the Goldblack for river waters.
Squad Swim Bait Rod, I was using the older version in the video but th is the same blank.

XH for the 8″ mullet H for the smaller lures.
Reel I was using was a Lexa 300 HD, durable enough for saltwater big fish.

50lb test Braid. I l ike to use green for more steal when flats or river fishing

80lb test fluorocarbon leader, if they a leader shy use 60lb test