Savage Gear 3D Snake lure review

I was lucky enough to acquire a couple of Savage Gear 3D snakes that was released at ICAST 2018.

I took the SUP out this weekend to do some bass fishing to test it out.

The lure has two tie points You can go under the surface or use it as a wake bait. For me, the wake style is the best. The 10 joint bait, has a small rattle in the head. Two treble hooks and the one in the back has a swivel so the fish can’t spin and come loose so easily.
Available in a variety of colors and two sizes. The 12″ 2 oz and the 8″ 1 oz. For me, personal the 8″ works great and cast pretty well considering it’s a multi-jointed bait.

I vary the retrieve style up a bit. Straight retrieve, pauses, jerk it to make it pop. In the video, as you can see I got most of my strikes on the pause.

I rarely ever see baby snakes swimming around now I know why.
I was quite surprised how aggressive these bass were attacking the snake.

Here is where I would give you a link to go check it out but they are not available on Amazon just yet. They tell me it will be available at the end of November 2018. If you bass fish grab 8″ 3D snake I think you would be pleasantly surprise.