Rebekka Redd, Every moment

My first trip to Canada came just a week ago. The solo assignment was to bring the camera gear to shoot a profile piece of the angler, Rebekka Redd.

In this fast pace life we live in, I have met Rebekka in person at ICAST twice for a brief moment. We only communicated a few times through email and text. Besides what is on her website and social I didn’t know much about Rebekka or for that matter the small town of Thunder Bay Canada my destination.

I must say the fishing gods were in a good mood that week. The weather could not have been better, the fish were chewing and all my camera gear made it there and back in one piece. Rebekka and her dad, “the gripper” had everything lined up which made for capturing her inspiring story a pleasure.

Hope you guys enjoy the film.

Rebekk Redd Walleye
Rebekk Redd fly casting
Rebekk Redd Smallmouth Bass