How to BBQ Duck

Most of you that might have met up with me at ICAST this year also know that I have been very busy. I mean busy as working 7 days a week for the past 4 weeks busy. This includes being on the road filming for the past 12 days.

This does not leave much room for much of anything. Paying bills by phone, the grass don’t get cut and laundry just piles up.


This weekend, though I was invited to do few fun things I decided just to stay home and do nothing. Just relax get my laundry done, clean the house etc.

Nothing that is until I saw a video on Youtube on how to smoke a duck. This motivated  me to buy a frozen duck the day before thaw it out and smoked one on my smoker/grill the Traeger 34  .

They make smaller ones as well like the Tailergater for people that done need the capactiy.

I like BBQ and briskets but I’m not an expert cook and Definity not an expert smoker/BBQ guy. I like to keep things simple. When the instructions call for checking every 30minute, venting circulation adding wood etc.. I quickly move on.

Then came the invention of the pellet grill/smoker. Basically, all you do is plug it into the water, fill the unit w/ wood pellets and set the temperature and it does it all for you. All that is left is put the meat in. It even has a temperature probe, so you can know exactly when your meat was cooked.

Here is the run down I condensed down to just steps:

  • Thaw out the duck leave in uncoved in the refrigerator overnight.
  • The next day. Pat it dry it with paper towels.
  • Poke holes in it to allow the fat to drain.
  • Stuff it with onions and aromatics.
  • braise it in honey and soy sauce mix. I micro wave it for a minute to get it to mix better.
  • Use this brais sause through out the cooking.
  • I set the Traeger to 325 degrees, plug the temperature prob in it.
  • I then waited for the probe to reach 165 in the breast and it was done.
  • Let it rest for 15 minutes and cut it open.
  • If you want the skin fo more crispy put in the oven on high for about 2 minutes to render fat even more.

It was that easy.