Simms 2019 line up from ICAST 2018 in Orlando Florida

Here is my annual video from ICAST 2018 of the SIMMS 2019 line up.

Many of which is defiitely on my wish wish list.

Dave did an awesome job as usual.

0:00 Waders

3:50 Footwear

5:50 Footware salt

7:30 Jackets

11:20 Shirts

20:10 Womens

21:20 Women’s Bottoms

22:40 Bags And Packs

25:00 Gloves

26:00 Hats

26:59 T-shirts

27:20 Contact Info


Thanks again guys for watching the ICAST videos and Instagram feed.

Great to meet many of you at ICAST in person as well.

See you next year.

Sam Root