How to get sponsored by fishing companies.

One of the most asked questions I often get is, “How do I get sponsored?”.

It usually starts off with (angler’s name) is a terrible fisherman and he got sponsored. Surely since I am a better fisherman, I should get sponsored as well.
Well that is part true, but it is only 20% of the equation if not less.

I know many great fishermen that are not sponsored at all. I also know many terrible fisherman and some that hardly fish at all that are sponsored. I am sure you know quite a few of these guys and you question the injustice of the world as I use to.
You see I have been in this business, unwittingly I might add, for over 10 years. I have been the regular fisherman in awe of all the cool things I see on TV and magazines. I have been part of the media, an influencer, a sponsored fisherman, fishing blogger, tournament director, a youtuber, a sub-contractor, a fishing consultant, made fishing commercials, a still and video guy on the set, a producer of a fishing TV show and now a marketing manager getting all the proposals.

I know the industry literally from the ground up. From knowing nothing to knowing more than most people I meet in the industry. I am not bragging and none of this is by design. Hell, if I knew the future I would be rich on Youtube running around with a Gopro fishing bass ponds. Instead I am working a 9 to 5 but at least it is in an industry I love to be involved in.

Here I put together video of my real-world thoughts from all perspective of how to get sponsored. I got through the concept of why people get sponsored (spoiler, it’s not because you can fish). I talk about how “Not” to approach sponsored and the reasons why. Where to meet sponsors, who to talk to, and how to follow up.

Hope you find this useful. I will follow up with more fishing industry talk like:

How to get a fishing TV show.
How to add value to what you do.
How to write proposals and what sponsors want to see.
How much do sponsored people really make.
It is it worth it being sponsored?