Snookzilla, before GoPro existed

Before facebook, before gopro and youtube had just started I had a POV camera. This camera was so bulky I had to wear a backpack just to carry the battery pack.

Brian Epperson and I took a road trip to Sebasitain on this quite hot but calm August day. We towed the Gheenoe accross the state and Tampa and was there when the sun was just coming up. This was 2016, no Iphone so we acutally was using a car gps.

The morning started off show but but about noon the tied rolled in and we started to catch some red fish. After a few redfish I hooked into a monster of snook.
At first I was in denial but Brian, who had much better eyes than I, was adamant it was a snook.

After a good fight and landing the fish boat side we both giggled like school girls. At the time, it was the largest snook neighther of us has even seen in person.