Lake El Salto Mexico trophy largemouth bass fishing January 2018, Angler’s Inn

Last week I had the opportunity to fish the famous Lake El Salto in Mazatlan Mexico. If you bass fish you know this lake is legendary for Large Mouth bass. Every week some catch double diggit bass there. It happen when I was there, it just wasn’t me.

The fishing was still excellent with an average of 50 fish per boat/day. The fish of the week for us was 8.5lbs on the crank bait. My largest fish was 6.5lbs on a spinner biat. In this video you will see the 2nd largest fish we caught a 7.5lb fish on the purple Texas rigged worm.

For those that are interested, I am working on a cliff notes version of what to expect, cost, to fish Lake El Salto.

Expect on the follow up post “Logistics of fishing Lake El Salto”. This will include lures to bring, the accomdations, the flight cost etc.