How to fillet a 231lb swordfish, Visiting the Florida Keys 3 months after Irma.

Recently I drove down to Florida Keys.(Post Irma)

This was the first time since IRMA made land-fall back in September. Even living in Miami, there was not much information besides words from some friends. The camera crews have come and gone to the next hot topic.

The trip took me to the last island, Key West. From talking to people and observation they are recovering quite well. Besides the debris from the clean-up on the side of US1, if you have never visited the keys you might not believe that landfall from a CAT 4 hurricane was just here.

Some places are still under repair but it looks to be business as usual. Heck, I had to stand in line to get a photo standing next to the famous mile marker one. Though the crowd was thinner than usual the bars, restaurants were doing business.

If you look for Irma damage it isn’t hard to find. People are still putting their lives back together. Like most things in life, It will just take more time.

I ended my trip fishing with Captain Nick Stanczyk out of the famous Bud N Marys marina. The docks were fixed up, the store was open and boats were running charters. With the weather forecasted to be nice, we decided to do a deep drop trip for swords.

As we left the marina I couldn’t help but wonder how the fishing would be after a storm like Irma. By 1pm we had caught a pomfret, two swordfish one being 231 lbs. Fishing was good, really good. I don’t know about everyone else, but for me, the best reason to visit the Florida Keys has a check mark next to it. #keysstrong