How to fly fish for Pike

Last month I had the pleasure of traveling to Europe for the first time. This trip was to shoot a brand video at the Mustad Norway location then afterwards, fly to China to film the other facility.

But first we wanted to film some pike fishing. We traveld to Denmark and took the the drive down to Stege Nor in ther souther area.

The drive was only an 1.5 hour and the scenery was filled with farm land, windmills and fall leaves. From a Floridian’s point of view it was beautiful. I guess they would say the same about our beaches.

The weather was quite over cast and we were faced with a strong front that had just came in. The tempurature went to the 40’s and the windds howl 25 with gusts up to 40mph.

We only had two days to do any type of filming so we were on the water both days.

We caught a few on the spinnign gear and Nils, to everyone’s supprise caught 5 or 6 fish on fly that day.

Here is the how to we manage to achieve for my short stay in Stege.