Denmark, Norway and China travels


Been traveling quite a bit for work and since I have never been to Europe decided to try to vlog this one.

Although I had tons of camera gear with we me, all the footage was shot on a gopro or a cell phone to make things convenient.

Hope you find it some what entertaining.

Denmark was very nice. The streets were clean people were friend and spoke English on top of the Scandinavian variations. Copenhagen was expensive compared to most us cities. Hotels in the $120 range were small but nice. I would compare it to NYC pricing.

Once you get out of Copenhagen though everything came down in prices dramatically especially the foods.
Speaking of food I like the food there. Things tasted fresh and less preservatives. I am not sure if it is in my head or what.

Cost wise:
Cab ride to hotel was about $50 (Center of Copenhagen)
Ascot hotel was small but efficient at about $120 per night.
Food….the Ramen place near by was good eats and ran about $15-20 per bowl(not cheap)
Running shoes I tried to shop for were minimum $100 to $200. Sony lens that sells for $2500 in the US was $3500 there. FYI: don’t go shopping for electronics in Denmark.

Outside of the city however things because reasonable.
Pizza $10
Beers $5
Burgers $7
Hotels stayed the same. About $100 for a cozy but small rooms.