How to cook a $2.50 per lb Chuck Steak that taste like a ribeye steak

How to cook Chuck Steak that taste like Ribeye


By no means am I a cook. I am one of those people that are just too busy and impatient which, in my opinion, are not great cooks. Of course if you consider eggs and instant Ramen nooks cooking then I would be a one out of 10.

A few months ago I found this cooking cooking contraption called a “Sous Vide”.  To make a long explanation short, it’s a way of cooking meets(and other things) in a plastic bag submerged in a water bath. This might sound silly but the temperature is electronically controlled and if you miss the time by a few hours it will still come out perfect.

So coming back form a wedding shoot in Texas after hurricane Irma I wanted to cook a steak. I bought a very cheap cut of meat the “chuck roast”. This cut is very tough so it is usually made for stew, slow cooker, things that I”m not really interested in.

With the sous vide I looked it up on youtube and found a couple ideas. I decided to season the steak, vacuum seal it and sous vide it for 12 hours. After it was done I cut it open and sear it on super high heat on the grill.

Like previous stated I am no cook but I do know a good steak when I taste one. This chuck steak was up there as one of the best steak I have eaten even comparable to steaks I have paid $20 per lb for.

I have bought three sous vide units so far this year and I find the Anova is my favorite. The ease of use, the quality build and the value price was excellent at only $119.00 makes it at the top of the list. You can even pay $50 more and get the wifi bluetooth version so you can monitor your cook via the internet app.

One word of warning however, if you have never tried Sous vide cooking, once you start cooking meats via sous vide every steak you order at a restaurant(with little exception) will be a disappointment.