Yellowfin Tuna and dolphin on a bait ball full video

I finished up the Zancudo Lodge Costa Rica fishing video. I had lots of good footage so the video is much longer than normal. Plus I added all the uncut tuna attacking bait ball as well as a croc eating tuna carcasses at the dock.

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Day one the rain: The first few hours were quite miserable. We had sideways rain on top of being cold and no fish. I could only film with the gopro. The bite turned on and we got on the tuna good.

Day two bait ball: This was a pure frenzy of tuna an dolphin gorging on bait ball. Lots of awesome footage.

Day three Rooster Fish: This day we decided to stay inshore and fished for rooster fish. They did not disappoint. We caught 15 Roosters. Most were small but we did doubled up on a pair of 30lb fish. These fish are beautiful and fight excellent.