SMOVE PRO with Moondog Labs Anamorphic Adapter and FiLMiC Pro App

Last week I ordered the Moondog Labs Anamorphic Adapter for my iPhone7. I took a look at it when I was at B&H Photo in NYC and decided to go ahead and order one. If you are not familiar with it, what it does is gives the videos on your iPhone the cinematic effect seen in movies like Apocalypse Now, Alien and Inception. Not only giving you the letter box look, but also the horizontal lens flares as well. Along with the adapter, I purchased the app: FiLMiC Pro. It has software built into it which will give you the results you are looking for.

DJI Spark – Size your moment.

To make things even better I put the iPhone7 with the Anamorphic Adapter on my SMOVE PRO for some really smooth shots. I had intentions of going to the beach, but the rain kept me away. You will have to do with some sidewalk shots in the neighborhood for now, but I will be taking this out on the road with me to get more interesting views.

This adapter will work with both photos and video. Depending on how you capture your images, you might have some work to do in postproduction. I will just say that if you really want to save some time, go ahead and get yourself the FiLMiC Pro App at the link below.

Product Links:
FiLMiC Pro:
Anamorphic Adapter:

Here is a video of what comes in the box and my first impressions using it with the SMOVE PRO.