SMOVE PRO: Must Have Accessories

I decided to shoot this video after having used the NEW SMOVE PRO 3-axis Stabilizer for several months now. One of the keys factors to the SMVOE PRO being successful is having power! While for most people the one battery it comes with will be enough. However, when you are out traveling and stopping to recharge is not an option, I decided  that extra batteries would be the best option. I have been using ODEC batteries for quite some time in my headlamps and flashlights. They are very reliable and hold up well to the heat here in FL.

When I bought these batteries I decided to go ahead and get a good charger that would make sure I get the most life out of them. I elected to go with this UltraFire smart charger. It has a large LED display and intelligent enough to make sure the batteries are fully charged and NOT over-charged.

ODEC Batteries:
Smart Charger:

Check out the video and see for yourself, these are a couple of items that you need in your bag!