SMOVE PRO: How to Properly Balance Your Smartphone

After several months of testing pre-production units and then getting my hands on the production models of the new SMOVE PRO have resulted in some really great videos and a lot of key learnings along the way.

In this video tip, I show you the key to getting your unit properly balanced without having to use the counterweight. The counterweight is only needed for some of the larger phones. In this video I show you what set-up is like with the iPhone 5c, iPhone 7, and an iPhone 6Plus.

<— Here on the left are a couple of products that I bought from Amazon that have made using the SMOVE PRO even better. Just click on the images and it will take you directly to see them on Amazon. I don’t have to worry about batteries and with this Intelligent Charger, I know my batteries are being charged properly. Plus the charger works with all the other rechargeable batteries I have too.

Leave me any feedback or questions you have here in the comments below or on the YouTube Channel itself and I will get back to you. Also, if you’re interested in getting one of these you can find them at: