SMOVE Stabilizer and Powerbank Side by Side Comparison Video

SMOVE Walk at Mall Cover

A lot of people have been asking for a good comparison of the SMOVE Stabilizer and Powerbank, so here it is. I enlisted the help of my girls so I could get some solid feedback and unbiased results. I simply had them walk around outside the mall to see what the video would be like. ¬†Other than having to dodge a few kids, planters and parents who weren’t watching were they were walking, they did great.

In this video you will get a good idea of just how well it works. The SMOVE keeps the camera level and steady. As I mentioned in a previous video, if you are an iPhone user you will need the MFI Certified Lightning Adapter and can be found on Amazon 2 for $11.99:
It’s very important to make sure that you get MFI Certified Adapters or you could burn up your iPhone.