2MT LEVER GEAR Toolcard 1.0

This new TOOLCARD 1.0 by LEVER GEAR and is definitely a must have item. While most products like this have 1o tools this one has 40 tools included with hundreds of uses. The Toolcard 1.0 is made from 420 Stainless Steel and has a very handy money clip so you can keep with you and have it handy at all times. It weighs just over an ounce with the clip or 1 ounce without it. The money clip also clips on the strap of a back pack or belt to make sure it is handy and ready when you need it.

During my testing of this I used it to attach my cameras to my tripod bases, cut cord at Lowes while tying down the load in the bed of my truck, attaching action cameras to various locations and to adjust multiple size screws. I was very impressed with its durability for being so light. During one of my trips to Lowes I tried it out removing screw on one of their tool demo end caps.  Here are the photos where I used the phillips by itself and then I use a larger size phillips by way of the adapter.  I will say that if you are using the bit adapter and plan to put a lot of pressure on the toolcard, that you make sure you’re aware of how you are holding it, not to injure yourself accidentally. The can opener is very sharp, so just be aware of which way you are pushing or pulling.

img_2480 img_2495

This is definitely going to be handy when it comes time to handing out candy for Halloween in making sure the bottle tops come off easy too!


Check out the video to see all the tools and even the bottle opener… Who can’t use a bottle opener?

Do yourself a favor and click this link to order yours today:  http://www.levergear.com