Keep your Kayak or SUP with these locking ratchet for under $20.00 , Hot Headz Lockable Ratchet

Lock it down and feel secure for under $20

If you travel with a kayak, sup, you know the feeling of having to leave it unattended at hotels, restaurants and parking lots.

Anyone can undo your ratchet and it is gone. There are solutions there but they are quite expensive. Here is a locking strap that allows you to secure your vessel for under $20.00 shipped.

Will it be the ultimate anti theft device? More than likely not but it give you a little peace of mind and as they say “It keep the honest people honest.”

Description from Amazon.

Key lock for security (includes 2 keys)
Steel-edge webbing
Quick & easy release; makes tightening loads easier
Anti-scratch, double strength hooks
Perfect for: securing heavy furniture or appliances; protecting lumber; securing valuable ladders & equipment

There are more similar higher end products out there. The ones by Thule are $69.00 and Yakima ones are $80.00

Hot Headz Lockable Ratchet