How to get buttery smooth boat running video

Awesome on the boat video

If you like me you often try to shoot videos and photos on a boat normally when I get home to results are terrible.

It’s not your fault though. It is not humanly possible to hold the camera steady when on a boat is running. I’ve seen pro camera guys try to shoot these things and it just does not work out.

Here is a solution that will keep the Horizon straight no matter how rough the conditions are. I bought this DJI OSMO Oct 2015 when it came out and it has been work great. It is small compact and holds it steady in a running boat or card up to about 50 mph.

Pros: Super stable, 4k, slow mo, wireless tether to your phone, compact and an all in one solution

Cons: Unless you use a lav mic the audio quality is not great.

You can find it on Amazon for about $540.00 at the summer special price.