Mosquitos: How You Can Protect Yourself and Your Family

The Zika Virus is actively spreading across Florida and a new projection just released from the University of Florida estimates, nearly 400 non-travel-related Zika infections are likely to occur in Florida before the end of the summer.

My family and I spend a lot of time outside. Whether it’s on the water, at the park, in the yard, or on the beach we love the outdoors. Does this Zika thing bother me, YES! So what do we do, if we want to continue enjoying the outdoors, we have to use some sort of repellant to keep the odds in our favor.

Over the years I have used many different repellants with varying concentrations of the pesticide, Deet. While Deet is known to work in repelling insects but it comes at a cost. Not to mention the adverse health issues that can occur, I have damaged various sun glasses and clothing due to Deet. I am not a fan, especially when looking out for the welfare of my children and potential long term use.

Recently I came across a Deet-Free product called: Guardian Backyard 4-Hour. This is a plant based repellant that is non-toxic and pesticide-free, that I can safely use it on my girls. It has a decent smell and you don’t “smell” like you are wearing bug-spray. The company, TyraTeck, Inc., makes the Backyard 4-Hour and the Wilderness 8-Hour. Here is  a link to the company website if you would like to learn more:  Another thing I like about this stuff, is the spray didn’t effect fishing either.

But what I really like about this Guardian 4-Hour, IT WORKS! 

In this video you can see just how well it stopped the mosquitos and biting gnats from chewing on me.

You can find it here on Amazon for $6.99

I have used this spray on myself and my family several times since this video and still not disappointed!