First Look at the NEW Gimbal Guard and Lens Protector for X-Star Premium and Lume Cube Mounts

2MT First Look Gimbal-Lens Cover

Check out the New Gear specifically made for the X-Star Premium Drone, by Autel Robotics. The XPS has a different size camera than others on the market and requires it’s own unique gimbal lock. I got a custom one made (Actually have one in 3 colors Red, Blue and Yellow.)  These are nice, because they are much easier to put on and you are less likely to forget that it is on there because it covers the lens of the camera.

I also like this gimbal lock, for its ease of use. It takes no effort at all to lock this in place. Their is even a hole trilled in it, so that you can add a tag or something larger like a piece of ribbon as a reminder to remove before flight. The other nice feature about this gimbal lock, is that it works with the Freewell filters. (You can get the UV and ND filters from Carolina Dronz and they should have the Circular Polarized Lens (CPL) back in stock soon.) Meaning that the Gimbal Lock/Lens Cover will slide over and protect the filter as well.

I have also included some close ups of the new Lume Cube X-Star Premium Mounts. Although these are still in testing, I wanted to share so you all would know they exist and will be on the market shortly. Be sure to click the “Lume Cube” link in RED  below so you can join their email list for updates on new products.

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X-Star Premium info and updated price:

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