2MT: The Lume Cube offers 1500 Lumen in a Waterproof and Durable Cube

The Lube Cube is definitely the photographer and film makers friend. These powerful lights provide up to 1500 lumen which is adjustable down to just 50 lumen. The Lume Cube is waterproof down to 100 feet, very durable and built to withstand the use along side an action camera like a GoPro.

In this video I am unboxing the Lume Cube Quad. I am taking the 4 pack and getting them charged up and then will proceed to the next video showing you what they can do. Their is an App that is available for both the Android and iPhone to enhance the flexibility and functionality of the Lume Cubes.

Here is a link to the company website for more specs and updated pricing: www.lumecube.com