2MT: How To Keep iPhone Charged All Day Long – GO PUCK

GO PUCK: Keeps You Charged Up, No Matter Where You Go

While I was at ICAST this year I got to spend some time with the folks at GO PUCK. They are the first company to offer “Wearable Power.” What does WEARABLE POWER mean, you ask? This video shows you their product and how it mounts.

Listen Up: If you have kids who are into the Pokémon Go craze, this is something that could benefit you as well. Now they can go outside and catch ALL the Pokémon before their battery ever runs out.

GO PUCK is offering a nice discount. Simply use the code that’s in the video and you will be able to SAVE 30% on your next GO PUCK purchase. After you get the code click this link to go their site: GO PUCK  

Just in case you missed the code in the video it’s: 2MinuteTackle