Scum Frog

The Scum Frog by Southern Lure Company. Terrible name but they do work.

Compared to most frogs on the market these days the Scum frog is nothing pretty to look at. But then again as far as I know most fish don’t seem to really mind.

I have been using this frog for several months now specifically the Bigfoot model. I must say the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

The frog is very weedless has awesome action and durable. The only thing negative I can say besides the aesthetics is that it is not the longest casting frog out there. Don’t get me wrong it casts pretty well but not as well as the silicone skirted frogs. The Bigfoot has a tendency to catch some air.

I like to work these in open water reeling straight in or throw it on a mat and work it slowly pausing near edges and holes in the mats.

On super calm days the Bigfoot model might be a bit too loud but on a day where is a tiny bit chop or over mat this things works pretty darn good.

Again this lure won’t win any beauty contests anytime soon but it definitely works catching fish.

I found mine on Tackle warehouse and Basspro. The price is about $6 which is cheaper than most frogs out