Ever wonder if Bass eat rats? They sure do.

If you ever wonder if Bass eat these field mouse that happens to find it self in the local ponds there answer is they love them.

I bought this lure from tackle warehouse house a few months ago and it seems to work pretty well. The hollow body rat/mouse lure cast excellent and seems to attract the bass quite nicely.

Based on the same concept as the frog the hollow body keeps the lure weedless and a very strong set of double hook keeps the fish hooked. it has no tail but two appendages. Instead of silicone skirt like most lure of this type it has a two swivel attached to a small spinner.

It is well made and durability wise I would rate it 7 out of 10. On the video you can see one that has been beaten up quite a bit. The bass likes them and that’s a good sign in my book.

They run about $10 and I have only found them at tackle warehouse .