The new Suicide Duck from Savage Gear

Here is a video I did for the Suicide duck from Savage gear lures. Though not the 100% done version, these are very realistic. The are weighted but floats as it sits. With the weight and shape it casted quite well. Unless they have a smaller version, you definitely want to use a bait caster to cast these guys.

As far as how the lure function it is very much like a double bladed buzz bait. There is an treble hook on top and bottom which is clipped. This will minimize tangles and will make it cast better. The clips breaks away once pressure is put on it allow for a free swinging hook.

We used it for a day bass fishing. We had about 10 strikes on it and landed two fish. Perhaps I just need to find bigger fish.

The best method was steady slow retrieve. Since it is very new it probably will not be ready until Fall of 2016 from Savage Gear. and their retailers.