New Boating fishing Shoe by Under Armour , Drainster

Here is a new shoe specifically made for people that get them wet quite often. I have not read any press release or media kit about the shoe. The information here is real world observation not marketing literature. The new Under Armour Drainster is a close cell foam sole and a breathable mesh top. The bottom after 2 days of use is very grippy on 99% of the surface I have tried so far. The 1% has been a waxed fiber glass surface on the side of a bass boat.

There are 16 holes on the side of the shoe so the drainage of water should be immediate. There does not exist an insole so there is nothing to scrunch up and hold moister. Durability wise that remains to be scene but it looks to be very well made. The uppers looks to made of flexible mesh and the key pressure points has been reinforced for longevity.

Sizing wise is snug. I can only assume it is not meant to be worn with socks or a very thin micro fiber quick dry sports version.

The retail price is about $80.00 and available for men’s and women’s colors and sizes on

Drainster Fishing shoe
Drainster Fishing shoe