Action Hat Review by Hai Truong

Action Hat Review
by Hai Truong

At first glance you see a relatively normal looking hat. Upon closer inspection you notice several mounting spots, five to be exact. You proceed to pick up this normal looking hat with curiosity & this is where our review begins of the “Action Hat”, properly named by it’s inventor & what sets it apart from other head gear.

The “Action Hat” was made by Rex Delray Deguzman, out of Texas USA. A huge DIY video phenom across social media, especially YouTube. Rex is known for his indepth “Do It Yourself” (DIY) videos, not to mention a fine angler & ambassador for motivational speaking through various characters he plays. Ranging from kayak rigging to hauling, various video mounts for kayaks & everyday around the house solutions, to expressing his colorful side through comedic characters & sometimes just a good old venting which we can all relate to.

As I’ve been following Rex over the years, I’ve grown very fond of his “can do” attitude, often motivating me with his LIVElive Now Campaign, basically getting people to “DO” something in the great outdoors, with your hands, repurpose something or anything besides sitting on your bum. And the “Action Hat” was born to help capture these moments. Like all great things in the fishing community & life in general, were created out of necessity.



This is where the “Action Hat”’s inception comes from, one that floats with a single camera or gadget attached. One of the five mounts mentioned earlier is located in the front, above the bill. This allows the preferred gadget to be mounted with a much better center of gravity, not a front “titly” feel but solid & stable. It is also located just high enough to not capture the hat’s bill for most applications. If that angle is required, you can simply add attachments to your gadget or mount on top. Top mounting allows an array of options while the rear mount captures everything 180 degrees in combination to the front mount for double the action with two cameras. The side left & right mounts offer a different view limited only to your imagination & requirements.

Several mounting kits are offered & created by Rex as well. The smart phone mounting kit allows you to use your smart phone to record, take pics or use the LED light hands free. It also allows night filming pending your smart phone. You can still use your camera along with a head lamp strapped to the outside of the hat. The hat’s skeleton will not allow the strap to feel too tight but does make the hat a bit heavy overall. You quickly get used to it depending on the amount of gadgets you’ll be using but it’s a small price to pay for that money shot. The dual mounting kit opens up even more possibilities combined with the 360 ball mount.


Please visit or for more mounting kits, accessories, info & much more. Check out the colors in both curved & flat bill. Contact Rex personally with any questions for the “Action Hat” via any one of his social media links on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram.

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