What is Mystery Tackle box? Feb 2016 unboxing

Mystery tackle box is a services that ships you a box of name brand lures in the retail packaging monthly. Very similar to beer of the month, book etc.

The price ranges for $13-15 depends on how many month you sign up for.

When you join there is an option for Bass, inshore salt, catfish, trout, walleye , panfish and even ice fishing. This assures you get useful stuff for your type of fishing.

From what I can gather it’s a good value especially if you are an avid fisherman. I don’t know about you but I routinely spend more than $15 a month on tackle, so getting a package of lures value at $30 or even more is a pretty good deal.

Here I made a video of the unboxing and tries to give my overview of the product that were in the box.

I hope to use it on the water soon.