Create A Little Space (Rod-Hoarders Solution)

Over time my rod collection has grow quite extensive and trying to keep up with all these silly sticks has me damn near at the end of my wits.  I’ve been leaning rods in the corner and laying them all over the house for people to trip over and break (usually me). In fact a few years ago I was vacuuming and accidentally sucked up a dangling leader line on my NRX 11WT and it sucked the rod into the vacuum breaking it into about 30 pieces (not fun).


After experimenting with several rod racks, including wall and ground set-ups I decided to take things to a higher level. I was on Cabellas website the other day and I found a rod rack that held 11 rods on sale for $10 ($15 currently). What I initially thought was so great about this particular rack is that it hung from the ceiling and not the wall. This would allow me to get rid of all my bulky rod racks and free up some floor space. I figured even if this thing was a complete piece of junk I could still use it to hang brooms & tools in the garage. Since the price was so cheap and I had so many rods I decided to purchase two. I received them about a week later and hung them in my tackle room. It took me about 45 mins to hang both of them from the ceiling and transfer my rods into place. Not only do they hold my rods securely but they actually make the room look pretty neat by adding another dimension to the space.


Now, keep in mind these rod hangers “ain’t no” hand-carved piece of art designed by a master-carpenter in the jungles of Singapore. However, the wood is strong and they will support your rods securely. Each rack comes with a felt liner that keeps the tips and rods themselves from being scratched or scuffed when taking them in and out. For $10 or $15 they sure did help me clear some space in my house and organize my growing rod collection. I hope they will help you rod-hoarders get organized as well.

Take Care, Sawyer